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Beautygeeks ( is built on conversations with dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, product developers, perfumers, celebrity makeup artists and hair stylists (celebrities too, including Tessa Virtue, Drew Barrymore, Emma StoneRob Lowe and Chris Noth), and other top experts for intel, insight, techniques and time-saving tips.

Since its start in 2008, Beautygeeks has won industry props that include a P&G Beauty & Grooming Award, nods from Canada's top news, lifestyle and beauty/fashion publications, and media spots on national news and entertainment television.

The Beautygeeks team consists of former magazine beauty editor and site founder Janine Falcon (that's me) and alter-ego Staff. Wallet sometimes intrudes, too (and insists on being referred to as "Wallet" rather than "Wally").

Wonderful Beautygeeks contributors have included manigeek Karen Falcon, fellow beauty geek and freelance writer Liza (pronounced Leeza) Herz, and occasionally one Cranky Beauty Pants. Although their posts remain, Karen and Cranky are currently enjoying offline pursuits, and our Liza has created her own engaging style-and-beauty site,, a must-read.

Thanks for popping in; I hope you've found something that resonates. Do get in touch if you have questions. You can find me via @imabeautygeek and @janinefalcon on Instagram, and Beautygeeks page on Facebook.

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