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For us beauty is about happy skin, obedient, healthy-looking hair and smart, easy ways to look like our best selves. We're into enhancing what we have so we can face the day with confidence, authority and a little cheeky humour.

We're an all-ages site, interested in skincare, makeup, nails and hair care for ages ranging from tweens to 60+. We talk to dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, product developers, perfumers, celebrity makeup artists and hair stylists, (celebrities, too!) and other top experts for intel, insight, techniques and time-saving tips. (Hey, we're all busy. If a hydrating serum plus a simple swipe of demi-sheer fuchsia on lips and cheeks is all we need to look radiant, we're in.)

Since its start in 2008, Beautygeeks ( has won industry props that include a P&G Beauty & Grooming Award and nods from Canada's top news, lifestyle and beauty/fashion publications.The Beautygeeks team includes former magazine beauty editor and site founder Janine Falcon, manigeek Karen, fellow beauty geek and freelance writer Liza (pronounced Leeza), and one Cranky Beauty Pants. Come hang out with us!  

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