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My name is Janine Falcon, and I’m a beauty geek. The first former magazine beauty editor in Canada to have established a beauty blog, I've clocked more than 20 years on the beat, including seven years at Canadian Living magazine; three years as beauty editor at The Kit; bylines in publications such as Elle Canada, Fashion Magazine, glow Magazine, and Best Health; a mention on; and at one point a successful side-gig as a freelance makeup artist.

I love a new lipstick as much as the next girl, but really I’m a geek about beauty learning, via dermatologists, cosmetic chemists and other top industry experts. Ingredients, how they work, who they work for, how to use them – I'm about solution-oriented beauty for all ages. Because here's the thing: beauty isn't about looking like a supermodel or a celebrity or some kind of perfect specimen. It's about skin that looks and feels good, hair that co-operates, fool-proof makeup tricks, and self-esteem that keeps calm and carries on.

I'm 53. I've never had Botox, fillers or a face lift. Not to say I never will, but I haven't so far.

I do actually like a number of skincare and makeup items from natural brands, but loathe "clean" beauty marketing – I now call it CLEANmongering because it's just marketing based (sometimes inadvertently) on misinformation and fearmongering.

You can reach me via j9falcon at gmail dot com, and find me via @imabeautygeek and @janinefalcon on Instagram, plus Beautygeeks on Facebook.

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P.S. In January of 2022, at the age of 53, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had no idea until fairly recently (thank you, perimenopause) that I'm dealing with an ADHD brain. So far I haven't written much about it for Beautygeeks, and likely won't unless there's a beauty hook. I did write about it for The Kit, though, and recently spoke about ADHD adult diagnosis on this All In The Mind podcast on ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) Radio National.