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Follow-up to the beauty advent calendar hack post – some inexpensive, reusable options for creating your own countdown gifts, including the 12 Days of Christmas.
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Background image: Ginger Ray*

Background image: Ginger Ray*

A beauty advent calendar hack doesn't really need a how-to, so just some  suggestions for inexpensive boxes or drawstring bags, most with super-fast delivery. And yep, sliding this onto the site mere days before Christmas because absolutely you can still use these for an amazing countdown gift this season: The 12 Days of Christmas begins on Christmas Day, as does the countdown to New Year's of course.


Many DIY kits have very small boxes or pouches; I found options that are a bit larger in case you need space for a full-sized or awkwardly shaped item.

Ginger Ray Gingerbread Houses Advent Calendar DIY Kit ($12.81 CAD and $9.95 USD at I hope nobody from Ginger Ray reads this, because I can't not point out how easy it would be to copy the template for future use. But this kit comes pre-printed, ready for assembly plus number stickers. Approximate dimensions: 2.36" (W) x 3.54" (H) x 2.36" (D) or 6 x 9 x 6cm. Additional Ginger Ray option: Silver Snowflake Boxes ($15.60 CAD and $15.01 USD at

Christmas burlap gift bags (24 units, $20.99 CAD at Most gift-bag kits include tiny pouches (2.7 x 3.5" or 7 x 9cm); this one includes two slightly roomier options: 7 x 5" (18 x 13cm) and 5.5 x 3.9" (14 x 10cm).* option here.

Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Bags Kit ($18.99 CAD at Two bag sizes in this kit as well – approx 7 x 5" (18 x 13cm) and 5.5 x 3.9" (14 x 10cm).

Naler Advent Calendar Kit with Jute Gift Bags ($17.99 CAD on sale for $8.99 at A kit for chromophobic types – and anyone else who loves a grey-black-and-cream colour palette (#ItMe). Bags are just under 4" or 10cm wide and 6" or 14cm tall (to above the drawstring cord; probably closer to 5" or 12cm tall.)* option here.

Xijuer Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags 5x7" (30 units, $22.99 CAD at Roomier options at 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8cm), and easy to embellish as you like.* option here.

ZYYRSS Burlap Drawstring Gift Bags (50 units, $34.99 CAD at In case you need some 6 x 9" (15.2 x 22.8 cm) sizes.

LEMESO Kraft Gingerbread House Advent Calendar Gift Boxes ($16.99 CAD at each adorable box is large enough to hold a lipstick or lip balm, single-size eye shadow or blush, or mini eye or lip liner, even an under-eye mask duo. And more than one Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Dimensions in slideshow above. option here.

01Shirts DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Boxes Kit ($15.99 CAD at These boxes are 2.76 W x 4.13 H x 1.97" D or 7 x 10.5 x 5cm, a bit roomier than the average advent calendar boxes, and would be easy to paper over for another occasion. (Amazon US option*: Woanger party favour gift boxes that come in three sizes; see slideshow for details. Wish they were available on!)

Keysote Advent Calendar Gift Box Kit ($8.99 CAD at and $13.99 USD at*): This cute kit includes 19 small (2.8" x 2.8" x 2.8" or 7 x 7 x 7cm) boxes and 5 slightly larger (2.8 x 6.3 x 2.8" or 7 x 16 x 7cm) house shapes. Or large enough for mini palettes, pots of lip balm or cheek colour, nail polish and skin care trial sizes – and cookies and chocolate, of course.

Children's Party Favour Boxes (5 units, $6.97 CAD and $5.05 USD at etsy.comOkay, these look like Christmas gift boxes and they could be, but aren't Christmas specific. As long as your Special-Day-Countdown-Gift-recipient is down with penguins in party hats and/or multiple treat days leading up to a gift, you're gold. (Slideshow images includes dimension approximations.)

Ashley Caitlin Crafts party/wedding favour brown craft boxes (10 pk, $8.56 CAD and $6 USD at Available in 2-inch square sizes, as well as other slightly larger dimensions worth checking out if you think you'll toss in a full-size moisturizer or serum.

White Chinese Food Takeout Boxes with Handles 16oz capacity (50 units, $24.99 CAD at Ideal little carry boxes for small gifts, and a snap to decorate for any occasion. String them up with twinkle lights for a 12 Days of Christmas countdown!* option here.

Avant Grub Unbleached Chinese Takeout Boxes 32 oz capacity (50 units, $37.27 CAD + potential import fee at Larger options in case you need them. Dimensions approximately 3.9 x 4.5 x 4.5" (10 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm) – see above slides. Also available in a pack of 25 for $27.34 + potential import fee.* option here.


When I googled "Chinese takeout advent calendar" because I knew I couldn't have been the first person ever to think of those containers as gift boxes, I eventually wound up at Kelly has a gazillion DIY advent calendar ideas to inspire for next year and beyond. Enjoy!


What do you think about this 12-Days-of-Christmas style of gifting?

Would you create a multiple-day gift for any other celebration? Birthday? Mother's Day? Father's Day? Getting Through February?


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