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PSA for anyone close to a Sephora Beauty Insider rewards status change once the semi-annual sale has started – will you get a bigger discount if you reach VIB or Rouge?
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Once you complete the qualifying sale, do you get the next-level discount for another shopping session?

Once you complete the qualifying sale, do you get the next-level discount for another shopping session?

The Sephora holiday 2022 sale began a few days ago for Rouge members – customers who have spent at least $1000 in a calendar year (about $84 per month, says Siri). Rouge-level members always get access to Sephora's semi-annual sales a few days before VIB and Beauty Insider members; this time it was October 28th. VIB members, customers who've spent $350 in a calendar year, get access today, on November 1st, and Beauty Insider members, customers who just sign up (no minimum spend), can start shopping and saving on November 3rd.

More than first access, Rouge members also get slightly higher discount than VIB and Beauty Insider members:

  • ROUGE ($1000 annual spend) –> 20% off –> shop Oct 28 to Nov 7
  • VIB ($350 annual spend) –> 15% off –> shop Nov 1 to Nov 7
  • BEAUTY INSIDER (just sign up) –> 10% off –> shop Nov 3 to Nov 7

As part of this year's holiday sale, all Sephora Collection beauty is 30% off, regardless of membership level, no extra code required. That's not in addition to your sale discount, though – e.g. if you're a Beauty Insider, between Nov 3rd and 7th, you'll get an automatic 30% off Sephora Collection purchases and 10% off everything else.


Below is a handy chart from the Sephora website; it lays out the benefits, including discounts, for each membership level. VIB and Rouge members retain their status and perks for one calendar year from qualifying; obvi, to achieve the same status the year after that, they have to spend the same amount.

Sephora Beauty Insider Benefits at Insider, VIB and Rouge levels

Sephora Beauty Insider Benefits at Insider, VIB and Rouge levels


But what if the sale has already started and you're a Beauty Insider just one Dior Lip Glow away from hitting that $350 mark? Or you're a VIB member with a Cheekbone Beauty lipstick standing between you and the Rouge-spender sale discount?

In previous years, it seems, if your loyalty status changed during the sale, you were stuck at the previous status – and discount – at least when shopping online, according to a Reddit thread I spotted recently. Whether or not it was a glitch, I don't know, but if you were VIB with a 15% discount and reached the $1000 spending minimum on the first day of the sale, you were stuck with that 15% for the remainder of the sale even though technically you qualified for the Rouge-level 20%.

This year, at least, all that has been streamlined. If you reach a new status after the sale has begun, once you finish the checkout, you'll automatically get the next-level discount and earlier savings access, too, if you don't have it yet. 

The switch is pretty quick, in part because you won't need a new code. Each tier had a specific discount code before; now every membership level uses the same one. For the Holiday 2022 event, it's SAVINGS. Within minutes of completing the purchase that confirms your new status as VIB or Rouge, you'll be able to start a new shopping session and get the new discount when you check out. (If you run into an issue, one of the Live Beauty Chat advisors told me they'd be able to help.)

Hope this is helpful info for you; it was for me. If you've wondered about this at all, please leave a comment so I don't feel silly for being the only one!

Happy Sephora Sale, all! xoxo