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Celebrity hairstylist and on-air hair expert Cindy Duplantis on managing your 'do during pesky hormonal heat spells.
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Hot flashes hair tips cindy duplantis

For many women, hot flashes come with yet another frustrating sidekick: a suddenly oily scalp that, when hit with the sudden sweat from an intense internal heat surge, leaves your 'do looking like you've just finished an intense workout, without the workout benefits. Ugh, ugh – really, there aren't enough UGHs.

Celebrity hairstylist, on-air hair expert and Chatters brand ambassador Cindy Duplantis knows this frustration. Her hot (flashes) hair tip: "After a fresh wash/ dry/ style, use dry shampoo then, on clean hair. That will help to eliminate excess oil before it starts."

Pretty jumbo claw clips on* are sold out 🙁; this version by Kitsch is in shopping links below

Pretty jumbo claw clips on* are sold out 🙁; this version by Kitsch is in shopping links below

Hot flashes aside, this trick also works for adding a hit of volume to thinner hair, and for oilier scalps in general.

Tempering oil at the roots is a two-part action. Step two, says Cindy, is "dry conditioner for the ends of your hair, especially right now so they don't get super-dry because you're reducing the oil on the scalp. It's all about balance!"

A pretty jumbo claw clip is also a must-have on stand-by for swiftly sweeping your hair off your neck when a hot-flash attacks. Unfortunately, they're sold out at* – see an array of alternate options in the shopping section below – but check out Cindy's stylish faux leather scrunchies, gorgeous headbands and eye-catching clips galore.

hot flashes hair helpers: dry shampoo

Apply on a freshly washed scalp after styling for best results, says Cindy, and of course as needed until your next in-shower shampoo sesh. You might also pop a mini in your bag for touch-ups after a post-flash cool-down.

From the brand that invented the category, Klorane Ultra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($15.99 CAD at and $20 USD at sops up oil and odour with corn and rice starches plus silica, and calms with oat milk. For extra-strength results, try the Oil Control version ($15.99 CAD at and $20 USD at, dosed with nettle extract for its astringent properties. Both are available in tinted options for brunettes in addition to tint-free for lighter hair.

Appreciated by Cindy for being "lightweight and not too overpowering," Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($34 CAD at Chatters and $25 USD at is available in three sizes and six scents, as well as Brunette and a Clear version to work with every hair colour.

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo ($11.49 CAD at is a favourite for those with oilier scalps and thinner, fine hair – using it sparingly is key advice from hardcore fans. In the USA, it's Batiste Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($12.29 USD at in updated packaging, and according to reviews makes devotees just as happy (if used sparingly). Am awaiting info on whether the formula is the same, but you can find similarly updated tins in Canada via and Shoppers.

hot flashes hair helpers: dry conditioner

As Cindy says, if you're reducing oil at your roots, there's less to reach the ends of your hair, so you'll want to give them a little extra conditioning TLC.

Quick-fix options include Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner ($30 CAD at and $26 USD via*) or Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Conditioner ($15 USD at Drybar's version has been discontinued, officially due to "ingredient scarcity" – that's why you can't find it at Sephora anymore.

Are you in that hot-flashes stage yet? Have you noticed changes in your scalp and hair? If yes to either question or both, how do you handle them?

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