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Good vibrations are literally now available via the beauty retailer's website, batteries not included (or required). Yes, you'll earn points on your purchase; yes, you'll save during the Sephora seasonal sales; no, returns aren't allowed.
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vibrators at sephora

There's a buzzy new vibe at Sephora and batteries are not included – nor required. Neither is plain brown-paper packaging; nosy neighbours will only know that once again you've ordered something from Sephora. What you tell them when they compliment your glowing complexion is your decision.

vibrators at sephora: glow-up

Earlier this year, Sephora added a "sexual wellness" category that began with Dame and now includes Maude. The idea is, of course, to "normalize" the usual components of a healthy intimate life... which really just means making it easier, less disconcerting to shop for thoughtfully created woman-centric/all-gender-centric rechargeable toys and related items. (Also, can you think of a better place to sell something called a Lipstick Vibrator? I'll wait.)

Staff is making all the jokes about vibes, buzz and glowing skin. They aren't great jokes, but I can't help an occasional giggle with a side of snort. Increased heart rate, increased circulation, post-sesh glow... I mean, come on. Skincare at its most fun.

“When you have an orgasm, there is an increase in your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure that all contribute to increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin,” New-York-based dermatologist Marie Hayag told The Covateur. “Afterwards, your complexion may look both flushed and brighter. For most people, this extra glow lasts up to two hours.” She also says the resulting stress reduction might help to minimize hormonal acne flare-ups. (I wouldn't take that as a medical prescription, but you might want to do your own research.)

Don't expect an in-your-face display of oddly shaped silicone devices next to the makeup brushes and facial rollers, though. Toy-time access at Sephora is online only, the ultimate in discreet-shopping convenience.

Reaction to the buzziest Sephora inventory appears somewhat mixed, according to this Reddit thing that has more than 40K members. Some are delighted because, why not? A cute intimacy device plus sexy-time body oil can be an easy additional purchase when you're looking for a new cheek colour or glow-up skincare, and as with every Sephora purchase it nets points that can be used for rewards that includes VIB and VIB Rouge status and discounts.

Some, though would prefer to shop for vibrators at an establishment that specializes in sex toys and related paraphernalia in part because selection would be broader, and in part because a staff member familiar with the inventory and patron feedback would be able to offer trustworthy expert advice.

Some don't care either way; they shop at Sephora for the things they want and that's all. And yep, there are some that are actually against Sephora selling vibrators, because that's just how they feel. 

I haven't tried anything from Dame or Maude, but I appreciate that on the Sephora site, Dame co-founder and CEO Alexandra Fine (who holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on sex therapy) introduces each of the Dame options via embedded video. All told, Dame Products has apparently "provided 10 million orgasms and counting," according to this Forbes interview. (Do have a read; this sexual-wellness industry is about far more than the buzz for Fine, and for women in general.)

Maude also has a female CEO and founder, Éva Goicochea, and actress Dakota Johnson has been an investor and Co-Creative Director since 2020. The company also champions improved sexual-health education in the US; click here to read more.

What do you think about the new buzz on More importantly, does the Dame Eva Couples Vibrator 👆🏼 makes anyone else think of Monsters Inc?

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