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What's another word for "Sephora Sale"? D. O. P. A. M. I. N. E. Also, have you ever typed "vibrator" in the Sephora search bar?
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Sephora sale spring 2022

Sephora's Spring sale looks different to me now. I've just realized I can blame ADHD for three years of VIB Rouge status, the length of my Loves ❤️ list, and frequent browsing-without-buying sessions in the app for "work" purposes. *grin* A dopamine-desperate brain adores shopping, it turns out, and when its a sale... That's all I'll say about that.

Two key details about a Sephora Spring or Fall sale for anyone who isn't already familiar: 1) how much you save depends on how much you've already spent with the retailer (evil genius, Sephora, evil genius) and 2) access to the sale depends on your spending status. 

VIB Rouge status nets you 20% savings as of April 1st; VIB status gets 15% as of April 4th; and Insider status means 10% off starting on April 7th. "Insider" is the entry-level or gateway status and free to join – get Beauty Insider details here.

Does anyone else's wallet go more than one round vs a Sephora sale?

Does anyone else's wallet go more than one round vs a Sephora sale?

sephora sale spring 2022: round one

For some reason, Wallet has never gone just one round in the ring with a Sephora sale. I think it's because two or three small shopping bouts feels more like sparring than a bruising match that knocks Wallet out cold. (And yep, Wallet prefers to be known by its full name; it hates being called "Wally.") 

Round one is mostly about restocking favourites, with a surprise appearance of an unexpected type of complexion enhancer:

Consonant Skincare HydrExtreme (30mL/ $149 CAD via Sephora Canada and 30mL/ $149 USD via is a longtime fave and pricey, but you only need two or three drops each use, so it'll last. The brand asserts that, according to an independent clinical trial that measured skin hydration, two-ingredient HydrExtreme performs better than humectant hyaluronic acid. And of course it does, because the serum stacks two powerful humectants against stand-alone hyaluronic acid. As well, on its own cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide is apparently well matched against hyaluronic acid, so pairing it with a vegetable glycerin sidekick really gives HydrExtreme a two-against-one advantage sustained-hydration skin game.

Biossance Squalane+Vitamin C Rose Oil (30mL/ $90 CAD and 30mL/ $72 USD) delivers Vitamin C in a stable, oil-soluble form, plus that hit of light oil my 53-year-old skin seems to need these days to stay supple. Must have. (I just ignore all the "clean" nonsense.) I also adore a Biossance set; a lovely option for Canadians is the Biossance x Oceana: Oceans of Change Set (30 mL + 15 mL/ $98 CAD), which includes a pretty case with a full-size Vitamin C oil and a 15mL bottle of Squalane+Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum. In fact, I keep popping the Sunshine Set of Reese Witherspoon Favorites ($103 CAD) in and out of my cart because along with a Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm (15mL/$19 CAD and $14 USD) it includes a Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (50mL/$40 CAD and $30 USD).

Huzzah! Guerlain Terracotta Light Healthy Glow Bronzer ($66 CAD and $56 USD) is back in the pretty mosaic format that really benefits cool undertones most because shades 00 Light Cool, 02 Medium Cool and 04 Deep Cool have hits of pink in the mix to keep the finish looking radiant rather than muddy. You know Guerlain created the bronzer makeup category 38 years ago, right? Terracotta is legendary, the first compact bronzer, and absolutely worth the splurge. Please note: Sephora has mixed up shade 02 Medium Cool with 01 Light Warm (Asian model); check the Guerlain website to make sure you're confirm you've selected the correct one.

MAC Cosmetics MACstack Mascara ($35 CAD) comes in two brush-specific versions, and one is a wand for short lashes like mine. A new, clump-resistant formula ideal for someone who applies 47 layers as a first coat (yep, it me), MACstack Mascara with the Mega wand is the default, intended for average-length and longer lashes. I've tried a PR sample and I like it, but I have short, apathetic lashes, so obviously I need to try the MACstack Micro to compare and contrast results. I mean, I have no choice.

Herbivore's Skin in the Clouds Set ($42 CAD/$32 USD) includes a 15mL Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream and a 10mL of Cloud Jelly Plumping Hydration Serum – two of my new skincare loves, despite the "clean" and "natural is better" marketing. If you've never used this line, though, try the minis because with natural skincare especially, in my opinion, trial sizes are a way to see whether the formulas triggers redness or irritation for you. My skin can be sensitive and cranky, but it was in a contented mood when I tried Herbivore Cloud Jelly Serum ($63 CAD/$48 USD) and Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisture Cream ($58 CAD/$44 USD), and I've had only good experiences so far. The textures are divine and together they hydrate, soothe and plump my dehydrated, not-so-young complexion better than I'd expected they would, and there's hardly any scent. Winners for me. Maybe for you, too? 🤞🏼

MoroccanOil Hand Wash (360mL/$23 CAD and $20 USD) might be more than you're willing to spend on something for getting dirt and germs off your mitts, hence the recommendation to buy during the sale. Most of us are washing our hands more diligently than we ever have before, so included ingredients like argan oil, hyaluronic acid and glycerin are especially welcome to prevent stripping skin over and over. I have a sample in the Ambiance de Plage scent, which is a little beachy and a little floral in a private-resort way. But I'm more drawn to bright, citrussy scents, so if you get the MoroccanOil Hand Wash in Bergamote Fraîche, please report back!

EverEden Special Delivery Mini Set ($45 CAD) is exactly something I'd buy for a friend who is expecting or recently had a baby. I have no time for the "clean" and "non-toxic" and "highest safety standards" misinfomarketing built into this brand, or even the "moms in medicine" tag. BUT EverEden's cushiony Golden Belly Serum Treatment Oil, silky Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream and soft Nourishing Baby Face Cream (that doesn't need to be used only on baby) each offers a harried new mum a few moments of much needed comfort, and in pretty packaging that's more about mum's vanity table than the baby's changing table. That's why I think this set is a lovely and gift-worthy little treat despite the marketing noise. (If you're reading from a screen that lives in the USA, visit because it's only at Sephora in Canada.) I like the EverEden Baby Lip Balm too, by the way...

Maude Vibe 3-Speed Flutter-Tip Vibrator ($66 CAD/$49 USD) is a Sephora-sale recommendation I didn't know I could include, and I confess that I haven't tried it. But omigoodness, I love that you can order this kind of mood-booster – complexion-booster, too, really 😉 – along with your hydrating serum, gift sets, and foundation, and it contributes to your VIB points too. And if you aren't flying solo, the Dame Eva Couples Vibrator ($175 CAD/$135 USD) might be just the ticket. Either way, just had to put 'em on your radar.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid ($55 CAD/$44 USD) is probably already sold out in your shade, I'm sorry. But obviously a Sephora sale is the best time to stock up on Charlotte Tilbury favourites (I love the pressed powder, face palettes, beauty highlighter wands, eye shadows and lipsticks) and to try something you've had your eye on, so I've included it. Plus, I like the Beautiful Skin foundation! It delivers a lovely, natural-looking glowy finish that looks like happy skin and feels like nothing on the face. Textured skin may want to avoid it, or find a primer that smooths everything out first, but based on my experience with the formula, I happily recommend.

Fresh Deep Rose Hydration Routine Value Set ($81 CAD/$59 USD) includes a mini of the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum along with cult fave Soy Face Cleanser, plus Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration toner and moisturizer – the oil-infused serum is why it's my pick of the Fresh sets for the season (this brand's sets are among my faves to give as gifts). Oil. Does. Not. Hydrate. Too many people put an oil on dry skin and expect it to moisturize; that way lies disappointment. But if you put oil in a bottle with water, you've built in the best application practice: oil on damp skin. Plus, the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum ($78 CAD/$60 USD) includes water-binding glycerin along with squalane and oils rich in fatty acids that help keep skin supple. Skin headed toward its "mature" years will love this.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed ($35 CAD/$28 USD) is definitely worth trying if you're in the market for a reasonably priced hyaluronic-acid serum with antioxidants. My skin responded happily to its easy-to-layer texture and moisture kick, and Wallet approves the price. Also noteworthy if your complexion's dehydrated with a side of older-than-40 is Innisfree's Intensive Hydrating Cream with Green Tea Seed ($31 CAD/$24 USD), a luscious gel cream enriched with with green tea extract and green tea seed oil. And both these items are in the Innisfree Green Tea Hydration Set ($35 CAD/$35 USD) and the Innisfree Bestsellers Discovery Set ($23 CAD/$18 USD) by the way.

That's enough for round one. In fact it's possible I've already snuck into round two, which is basically stuff I managed to justify after the first round has already shipped. (I think I heard Wallet say a bad word.)

Are there specific items you wait to restock during a Sephora seasonal sale? Or was there something you've really wanted to try that ended up in your basket?

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