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This skincare tip might require steely determination and a bucket of curse words before it becomes a habit, but your complexion will thank you for it. (Apologies if "Ice, Ice, Baby" gets stuck in your brain. #oops)
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Apologies for the ear worm, but not for your complexion results... *grin*

Apologies for the ear worm, but not for your complexion results... *grin*

Hot showers are pretty much a no-no for your skin; dermatologists everywhere are unshakeable on that point. I like to use a dirty-dishes example to illustrate: to get grease off your plates, you need hot water with your soap. The result is squeaky clean dishes. Yay! But in terms of your person, hot water and cleanser has much the same effect, and UH OH: squeaky clean skin. Problem.

At one point in the distant past, squeaky clean was the holy grail especially for oily complexions, but thank the Lord we know much better now. Squeaky clean should never be the goal for skin. Never ever. NO for winter, and DEFINITELY NO for your face. (Just ask ask Caroline Hirons about washing your face in a hot shower.) NEVER.

A helpful tip for skin that requires zero cold hard cash

A helpful tip for skin that requires zero cold hard cash

As per the dishes analogy, using hot water when you cleanse your face strips skin of all its immediately available natural oils and sends them down the drain. It leaves skin in a deficit you then have to try to rectify with serums, oils and moisturizers. Post-wash skincare is then like putting money into an overdrawn account. Sure, you might fill it back up eventually, but wouldn't it be better and so much more satisfying to add to a balance that already exists?

I actively dislike heat on my face, so when I cleanse the water is already closer to tepid than it is to warm. And since an IG Live with skin therapist Vee Mistry, I've turned the hot water down even more to get to cool, with the intention of eventually turning the hot off entirely. (Given that we've run into winter in Canada, it'll take a little time. *grin*)

Here's a clip from that Instagram Live interview with Vee to explain:

If you're used to a comfortably-warm-water face wash, going cold is going to be a bad-word shock, not gonna lie. "They hate it when it's cold and snowy outside," says Vee about her clients. So no judgement if you won't even consider dropping your cleansing temp until summer lands. Well, no judgement from me, anyway. Your skin might say something different. *grin*

Truth: you gonna try going cold? Or at least cool? C'mon, let's be cool together. *wink*

Vee Mistry (@_skinbyvee_ on Instagram) is the founder/owner of and skin therapist at Skinbyvee in Toronto.