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Thank you for stopping by again, or for the very first time
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Might have to re-think these massive images. Later.

Might have to re-think these massive images. Later.

Oh lovelies, it's been forever, and I've missed you all terribly. Not a day has gone by since last May that I haven't thought about you and felt like a schmo for leaving you hanging. Thank you so very, very much for popping back in again after all this time.

BIG NEWS before we go further, though: our lovely and clever Liza Herz has finally started her own site! It's and it's so wonderful, all warm, cozy, real-life smart advice about beauty, life and style and for the 50+ crowd, or for anyone who loves great writing. I'll do another post or several, but don't wait to go bookmark her url and maybe have a read – start with this clever body-scrub personality story. You can always come back to this later if you like. You also want to follow Liza on Instagram; she posts regularly in her Stories.

Our Liza Herz has started her own site,! Go have a read!

Our Liza Herz has started her own site,! Go have a read!

I can't quite explain my absence from Beautygeeks here. I can't quite explain why I instead turned to Instagram. I joked with Liza: laptop PTSD? I'm still trying to figure it all out. Perimenopause might be involved.... The fade-out had started a bit before 2019. And then the world stopped in early 2020. Then terrible, tragic, terrifying, unspeakable, heartbreaking things happened in the stopped world. And in gigantic ways, all our lives, globally, and here in Canada, were forever changed. Are still changing.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know we lost my sweet, lovely Dad to cancer in December 2020. I'll say just this for now: we miss him so much.

To fans of our Manigeek, aka my seester Karen, please take a breath: she has hung up her nail polish brush for the forseeable future as she's juggling lots of balls (her words *grin*). Burn out is a real thing. No-one talks nail polish with the perspective and expertise Karen has. No. One. Her voice is unique. But Manigeek-ing for Beautygeeks got to be a lot, so Karen is on an indefinite break. All her posts will remain, however, because they're just so good.

To new visitors to Beautygeeks – that's been this site's official name since its debut in 2008 and I'll explain another time – welcome! I know all the stuff above sounded a bit odd and heavy: you've popped in at a curious time. I've been away from while I spent more time on Instagram, learning new things, meeting new experts... 

The above post from several months ago will tell you a bit about the direction Beautygeeks has taken... not a surprise to anyone, I don't think. I'm a bit more outspoken about misinformation and "clean beauty" nonsense. And I'm much more about helping to distribute great information from experts who know how to read scientific studies accurately and break the info down into understandable bites. Updated philosophy: SHARING IS CARING THAT MISNIFORMATION MUST STOP. (I originally had "must die," but it sounded so aggressive...)

To old friends: I'm so touched that you've stopped by again. Things will be a little different, but there's so much to tell you about, so much to share. Please follow along on Instagram if you don't already; I've found SO MUCH GREAT STUFF there, and I share it all in my Instagram stories. A lot will find its way here as well, so if you'd prefer not to be on Instagram, not to worry!

I hope it's all right with you that I stop here to keep this short-ish and sweet-ish so we can move along to stuff that's a lot lighter and mostly beauty related. See you soon!

xoxoxo Janine