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Win and curl your hair anywhere – trains, planes and automobiles included (as long as you're not the driver)
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Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler givewaway

For our last giveaway of 2019, we've got the nifty Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler up for grabs! A rechargeable heat-styling tool, it's $129 at Canadian drugstores.

If you aren't familiar with the Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler, I wrote about it in detail on the other side of the hyperlink embedded in the product name in this sentence.

I've since played with the auto-curler a few times and can tell you the following: 

1) The Conair Infinity Pro Unbound Auto Curler is easy to use once you adjust to its... strangeness. It's just a matter of positioning the hair over the chamber and keeping the button depressed to wind the hair around the barrel and curl until it beeps. Let the button go and the hair just slides out as you move the unit away.

2) The Conair Unbound automatic curler really, really, really curls. I have fairly thick, frizzy, naturally wavy hair that curls easily and holds it well. With the auto-curler, I got tight, shiny, über-bouncy curls à la Shirley Temple the first time I used it on the highest heat (400ºF) and longest curl time (12 seconds). Turns out it's best if I use it on its lowest heat (320ºF) and shortest curl time (6 seconds). In fact, I don't even need the full 6 seconds – sometimes I waited only 4 seconds, and I still got good, slightly looser curl.

3) When you release the hair from the chamber, it's best to hold the curl by the tip and stretch it out for a few seconds as it cools, to loosen the curl a bit – you can see hairstylist Potrus do that to some of his model's curls in the video below.

4) The Conair Unbound Auto Curler is perhaps best for hair that is a bit more than shoulder-length or longer. Despite using the lowest heat and less than the shortest curling-time option, I still can't quite get past the Shirley Temple look. (That's why I haven't made a personal video yet. But maybe I should anyway?) On longer hair, it delivers lovely long loose curls and bounce. So pretty!

5) The Conair Unbound Auto Curler barrel itself is less than 1 inch in diameter – hence my Shirley Temple issues, I think. (Still, I'll keep working with it.) The instructions advise fairly conservatively sized sections of hair, but you can take slightly larger sections if you choose, to vary the width of the curls for a more natural-looking effect. You can also choose "MIX" as the curl direction rather than curl the hair Left on the left side of your head, and the hair to the Right on the right side. (Curling Left on the left and Right on the right looks quite good, though, just rather "salon" as opposed to "editorial," which is what you'd see in a beauty magazine.)

6) You really do get about an hour to get all the curling done before the unit needs recharging. (Recharging takes 4.5 hours and you can't use the curler when it's plugged in.)

7) I know I've already said that the curl just slides out when you take your finger off the button and move the unit away, but it's worth emphasizing that getting hair stuck in the unit is highly unlikely. Highly. Unlikely.

8) The Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is the only one of its kind easily accessible in North America. There are a couple of other versions in different colours available on Amazon (at crazy prices), but while likely from the same manufacturer, Conair owns the North American distribution rights exclusively as well as the right to put their name on it.

Whatever the length and texture of your hair, though, winning a Conair Unbound curler is a great opportunity to try it without cracking your wallet, right? So...

enter to win a conair unbound auto curler

Enter to win a Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler; it's worth $129 CAD

Enter to win a Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler; it's worth $129 CAD

To qualify, you must live in Canada and you must be 18 years old or better. Enter via the widget below; the first few options must be completed to validate your entries and unlock more options for additional entries.

We're accepting entries until Sunday January 5th at midnight. Enter as many times as you like! The winner will receive notification via email on Monday January 6th and have 24 hours to respond, so please check your emails. If we don't hear back within that time frame, we'll have to choose another winner. Erk!

Good luck, everyone, and thank you SO MUCH for reading, entering and commenting! xoxoxoxo