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Why has it taken me so long to gush about this Canadian gem of a brand?
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Nudestix Canadian Nude-but-Better Makeup Love

I do NOT festival (yeah, I used the word as a verb). Yet one of my favourite makeup kits this year is the Nudestix Nude Beach Festival set. I bought it after seeing co-founder @taylor_frankel’s tutorial Insta-vid. (Is it weird to be kind of addicted to the how-to videos of someone far less than half your age? She'll be 23 this year.) Rather than 43 layers of liquid, powder and glitter, plus 37 different brushes, Nudestix is effortless, all about touches of colour to enhance with just a smudge here, a swipe there, and blend, blend, blend – and all in beautiful youthful shades.

I bought the Nude Beach (Festival) set during the most recent Sephora sale. ("Festival" is in parentheses because on the Nudestix site, it's just called the Nude Beach kit.) I also picked up the Nudestix Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Color in Poppy Girl, a juicy coral I adore on cheeks, lips and lids. I already had a couple handfuls of pencils, some for eyes and some for lips and cheeks, and wanted to try more.

Let's pause for a moment for the following post from the @nudestix Insta-feed; it's the latest of Taylor's "get-ready-with-me" vids. (The Nude Beach look is somewhere on the channel as well.)

The concept behind Nudestix is fairly self-explanatory. Nude-but-better shades in easy-to-tote pencil and stick formats and creamy, stay-put formulas that you can apply in a snap without the need for an arsenal of tools or even a vanity table. (Yeah, my penchant for back-of-Uber makeup application jives with that aspect, of course.)

Behind the brand is a trio of Canadian women, one with a chemical engineering degree and decades of experience, and two youngsters who didn't identify with what they saw all over YouTube. Mum to Taylor and Ally, the fresh faces of the brand, Jenny Frankel has serious beauty cred that started almost as soon as she finished her engineering studies with a job at MAC – apparently she's behind the original formulation for MAC Lipglass. She was also one of the founders of CoverFX, another great Canadian brand with, among other things, a gazillion shades of foundation for skin of all types that needs natural-looking full coverage.

Nudestix founders Ally, Jenny and Taylor (photo: Nudestix)

Nudestix founders Ally, Jenny and Taylor (photo: Nudestix)

While Jenny handles the formulas and execution, the idea for Nudestix came from Taylor and Ally, who were teens at the time, and absolutely not about spending an hour or more in front of a mirror painting their faces in a multitude of hues. They wanted something more along the five-minute-face line, unfussy and with as little waste as possible. That meant shades that amped up features with healthy looking glow without needing more than a little fingertip finessing, and pared-down packaging that includes tins with mirrored lids and a fresh sharpener thrown in. 

Launched in 2014, Nudestix is now (according to this piece) a successful global brand, available in 800 doors and 30 countries. Celebs wear their makeup and they've collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, whose clients include Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and Hailee Steinfeld. The brand is Canadian, but the products themselves aren't made in Canada. Instead, Jenny Frankel has tapped manufacturing expertise in Korea, Italy and Germany.

Another pause for another vid of a favourite look – sooooo pretty, and so ALL AGES.

I haven't tried everything from Nudestix – there's a mascara, some new lip glosses, liquid liner with that rolling applicator we've seen from MAC and Revlon.... I did try the Tinted Blur Stick, but didn't enjoy the texture (felt a little too much like silicone, although there isn't any in it, and, at the time, my complexion needed more coverage than it offers). I haven't tried the concealer pencils either, but they're on my list.

Nudestix, Embryolisse Lisseur Bonne Mine and Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 60 mineral sunscreen: my summer face

Nudestix, Embryolisse Lisseur Bonne Mine and Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 60 mineral sunscreen: my summer face

Although I didn't get into Nudestix at the start, I've actually been a fan for a couple of years. Slate Magnetic Matte Eye Color is my fave matte eye pencil for lining my upper waterline (for some reason it's a touch more transfer-proof than Night, the black I bought when Slate got to less than half its original size – see above image). I also love the Magnetic Luminous Eye Color satin-finish pencils, especially Angel, Twilight and Nudity. And boy do I have #grabbyhands for the rest of the Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Color sticks! (Uh oh, there's a new Mini Nudies three-piece set – thank goodness I already have two out of the three in the regular size. But... mini! And that Soft Peach Peony... I can hear my wallet cursing.)

Nudestix Nude Beach Kit ($79 CAD/$75 USD – $221 CAD/$198 USD if bought separately) at

Nudestix Nude Beach Kit ($79 CAD/$75 USD – $221 CAD/$198 USD if bought separately) at

The Nude Beach Festival kit is out of stock at Sephora, but it's still available via the Nudestix website for $79 CAD and $75 USD (which is actually lower than Sephora's price). Honestly, it's a great buy.

Sheesh, this was supposed to be a SHORT Nudestix post. *sigh* 

There’s so much to love with this Canadian brand, always a new eye, lip or face set to covet. Everything goes on easily, stays put for ages sans creasing, feels comfortable on skin, looks really natural, and builds nicely if you prefer more intensity. As well, formulas are water-resistant, non-drying, paraben-free (if that's a thing for you), gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan; the tins are recyclable. And of course, everything is WAY portable; Nudestix will make up most of my makeup kit when I'm away next week.

Oh, right – photos of my Nudestix face! Or faces – I've been wearing Nudestix a lot.

Nudestix Nude Beach kit plus Nudies Bloom in Poppy Girl_BEAUTYGEEKS

Wearing the Nudestix Nude Beach set plus the Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Color in Poppy Girl

Have you tried anything Nudestix? If yes, what are your faves? If no, are you intrigued?

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