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⛄️ When winter clearly didn't get the memo...
Picture Polish Jewels H1 _ Picture Polish Winter 2017

Ugh. I woke up this morning and there’s snow on the ground. Again. This calls for another instalment of #ScrewYouWinter❄️. You know what fits the bill? Picture Polish Jewels from Winter 2017.

ScrewYouWinter _ Picture Polish Jewels NOTD

Blarg. #ScrewYouWinter❄️

It’s pink. My favourite kind of shocking pink. It’s got a side of blue flash and some sparkly rainbow bits. It’s not mine, but a borrow from my lovely nail nerd friend Viviane (@TinkerPurpleNails) who lives just up the road from me.

Picture Polish Bling it on with Precious Jewels Winter 2017

Picture Polish Jewels Winter 2017

She said she got it from from Caitlin (@StreetsAheadStyle). I think Caitlin lives just up the road from Viviane.

Picture Polish Jewels _ Picture Polish Winter 2017

Picture Polish Jewels Winter 2017

Nail nerd friends are the best at taking a crappy snowy morning and turning it into sunshine. Coffee is also good at that. ☕️

The end.

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