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It's been a hot minute, but I have a new #!
Nicole By OPI Back in my Gloria Days H1

Hiya friends! I'm here! I'm alive! Wheeee!!

It's been a bit since I've been on your side of the screen and that's just a function of winter. Winter hits me hard. It makes me miserable and it sucks all the motivation out of me. It's dreadful.

This year I'm fighting back with my new IG #ScrewYouWinter❄️ hashtag and if you're stuck in the winter blahs, I invite you to wander your archives and pull out whatever shade strikes you. Paint that thing on and see if it doesn't bring you a teeny, tiny smile. 

Nicole by OPI Back in my Gloria Days - Modern Family Collection 2012

Nicole by OPI - Back in my Gloria Days

This Nicole by OPI Back in my Gloria Days from the Modern Family collection jumped out and smacked me in the eye this morning. Now it's smacking you in the eye. Mission accomplished.

Oh! And if you're wondering what that little white bloopy thing on the cap is, it's just how I store my saggy-boobie bottles of NOPI. 

Nicole by OPI Manigeek Archive

Nicole by OPI Manigeek Archives

And before I disappear again, I'm curious... do you have any Nicole by OPI hiding in your archives? And do you miss this brand like crazy? Because I sure do! They made some really fun shades, didn't they?

manicures & photos by karen (she's going see if she has any steel cut oats)