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It's Halloween-Hangover Day, so I can still use All Hallows Eve as a jumping-off-point for this skull-and-crossbones-logo'd tube, right?
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House of Teeth Apothecary Natural Toothpaste Coconut Lemon

Trick or treat: for kids, toothpaste in their Hella candy haul would be a fun-for-adults trick. But the taste of this natural, “non-toxic” — 🙄— House of Teeth Apothecary Coconut Lemon formula would be a kid treat 'cuz it tastes a bit like icing. Aaaand that makes it a trick for me. *grin*

Yeah, I'm not so fond of icing when it isn't actually icing on a proportionately-appropriate bit of cake. That said, I used House of Teeth Coconut Lemon Toothpaste ($12 CAD at*) several times, and while the flavour isn't a favourite for me, it isn't actually as sweet as icing, and it does leave the mouth feeling clean and fresh. 

House of Teeth: trick or treat?

House of Teeth: trick or treat?

Texture's a bit odd, though – the toothpaste blob tends to roll around in the mouth for a bit until you deliberately get it with your toothbrush. That might just be flawed sonic-powerbrush technique on my part though.

House of Teeth Apothecary was founded by a dentist, by the way, a Dr. Sean Sikorski. He worked with a pharmacist to develop this alternative to mainstream brands. Ingredients include naturally-derived sodium fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, saccharine sodium, titanium dioxide, citric acid, and, according to the website, anise and clove leaf oils as well as sea salt. (The other flavour is Sea Salt & Anise; must be a mistake on the site – the ingredient lists are identical. #trick?)

Best part? The tube is biodegradable, so the planet has nothing to fear. #treat

plastic-eating enzyme 👉🏼 biodegradable tube

According to House of Teeth Apothecary, who told me this on Instagram, "our tubes are recycled plastic, formulated with an amazing enzyme that attracts microbes living in landfills – they essentially eat the plastic which makes it break down much faster than regular plastic. It's one of those innovative new science advancements that can keep plastic out of our oceans – and help clean up our planet."

Sadly, the Canadian company ships only within Canada for now. But it does encourage emails if you're interested but live outside our borders.

Does this sound like a toothpaste you'd use? (I'm a Crest 3DWhite devotée.) 

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HOUSE OF TEETH APOTHECARY COCONUT LEMON TOOTHPASTE ingredients:  (medicinal) Sodium Fluoride 0.25% (non-medicinal) Glycerin, Sodium BIcarbonate, Distilled Water, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, Saccharin Sodium, Titanium Dioxide, Poloxamer, Anise Essential Oil, Citric Acid, Clove Leaf Oil, Sea Salt.