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Is your hair stopping short when you want it to grow, grow, grow? And how do you feel about scalp massages? #greatgift
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Me: "I love Kérastase in-salon treatments because they come with a scalp massage – I'd like MATH if it came with a scalp massage."

Ingrie: "I'd like a PAP SMEAR if it came with a scalp massage."

Post treatment and styling with Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste

Post treatment and styling with Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste

Yep, that was an actual exchange between my fashion stylist/writer/editor friend Ingrie and me when we ran into each other at a recent Kérastase media session. *grin*

Okay, seriously: fancy salon hair-care brand Kérastase offers such great in-salon treatments that I recommend them as gifts. Part of the reason I love them is, yes, #scalpmassage, but they also really do improve the condition of your hair. 

Before the selfie snap in this post, I had the Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste treatment, which my hair doesn’t really need. It’s the newest range, though, and was the reason for the media visit. I experienced a wash and treatment, administered by Kerastase trainer Tara Benedetti, then styling by hairstylist Eva (EV-ah, not EE-va) of One 2 One Studio. Before the blowdry — my prettiest ever, hence the impulsive salon-washroom selfie (vacant expression is me studying the styling for possible at-home re-creation) — Eva applied Ciment Thermique thermo-protective leave-in conditioner ($48 CAD and $37 USD at sephora.comand I swooned over the fresh, light citrus scent.

about kerastase résistance extentioniste

Extentioniste is an anti-breakage collection designed for people who have trouble getting their hair to grow loooong. Best to begin with the in-salon treatment, partly because of the scalp massage, and partly because it really gets the help-hair-get-long process going so you see results more quickly. At home, you'd reinforce the salon treatment with the Extentioniste shampoo ($45 CAD and $33 USD at, conditioner ($48 CAD and $40 USD at, serum ($57 CAD and $51 USD at and hair mask ($65 CAD and $59 USD at

Love the citrus scent of this leave-in for damaged hair.

Love the citrus scent of this leave-in for damaged hair.

How does this line help hair grow longer? Apparently key ingredients include ceramides to help smooth the follicles and make hair more supple, and two amino acids, creatine to sink into and reinforce the cortex of the hair to make it stronger, and taurine (like in Red Bull?) to protect strands and reduce breakage. 

According to Kerastase educator Tara Benedetti, after just one in-salon treatment, Extentioniste reduces breakage by a whopping 98% and split ends by 78%. On top of that, regular use of the shampoo, conditioner, serum and mask over a three-month period will result in up to 4 centimetres of additional growth. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? 

I wish I could back the Extentioniste claims up with a review, but this isn't a system my hair needs. I can only tell you that my hair felt clean and soft and swingy after styling, and that Kerastase has a solid rep for delivering results. If you're fed up with coaxing length from your no-grow hair, I say try this stuff if your budget allows. (Or pull up the Kerastase Résistance Extentioniste page on your computer screen and leave it there to give your family a hint about what to get you for Christmas.)

Have you ever had an in-salon Kérastase hair treatment? Or have you tried this collection of hair care? If yes, please let us know how it works or worked for you!

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