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This is a harrowing tale of acetone fumes, pollen, construction dust and toxic-mold exposure, and how my number-one fan helped me get through it.
Manigeek and the Dyson Air Purifying Fan

Hi everybody! Today is a different kind of a day because I think I might finally be over “The Hump.” I know that having said that, I’m just inviting more Hump into my life, but after the first 9 super-fun months of 2018, I’m hoping the skies are clearing and daily life is moving into a more normal-ish kind of routine.

My actual wall calendar. It's hugely motivational! (not)

My actual wall calendar. It's hugely motivational! (not)

It’s been a rough go this year. There have been challenges, obstacles and lots of other uh… interesting hurdles to crawl over and wriggle under. It’s been trying, to say the very least.

But apart from my incredible tech support (who rebuilt my desktop), there’s been another huge, bright light in my world. It’s the Dyson Air Purifying Fan! This one showed up much, much earlier this year and I’ve been trying hard to get around to telling you about it, but like I said… challenges.

When it first arrived, I was all squeeee! because really, who gets anything Dyson and goes ppfft? I’m a fan of Dyson products. I have massive amounts of Dyson-vacuum lust (let’s just say that if I got one for Christmas, I’d be insanely happy) and this air purifier had been calling to me ever since I saw the commercial.

My home is a decent size and the air conditioner/fan coil unit is too small for the square footage, so I run fans in here 24/7. I have a tower fan in the dining room, another in the guest room, and a Dyson tower in the master. When this pretty arrived, I unboxed it, put it together (so wickedly easy!), and gave it a place of honour in the living room.

Manigeek Loves Dyson _ Mari Lagrange 2018

Then I read the manual (because manuals are my jam) and then I read it again. This fan does A LOT of stuffs, man! Like, A LOT!

Dyson Pure Cool Operating Manual

I put the fan in a happy spot to purify my air and assist my air conditioner, and then came the disappointment. Apparently, my air quality was good. Great, even.

I know, right? Like who in their right mind would be disappointed with good air quality? Uh, this girl.

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Fan LCD

The pretty graph on the fan display told me I had no dust to speak of, no pollen bits in my air, no car exhaust fumes, and no volatile chemicals. Basically, it was kind of boring and hugely anti-climactic so I set it to auto, and forgot about it.

Then I sat down at my desk to polish. Then I whipped out my acetone and removed the polish. Then the Dyson turned itself on. I was all What the what now? Did that just happen? Yes, yes it did. When Mr. Dyson detected acetone, he turned himself on and was all Gimme that acetone! I wannit! I know, right? How amazing!

Dyson Air Purifier App AQ reading

That's me. I'm playing with polish. The iPhone Dyson app knows!

I sat him beside me in the solarium and just let him do whatever he was going to do. Mr. Dyson and I worked together for hours. It was magical. Whenever I removed my polish, he just turned himself on and sucked all the junk right out of my air. We coexisted like that for days. He was my very-nearly silent partner. We were buddies. Homies.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan 2 _ Mari Lagrange 2018

Then my window replacement. Ugh. What a nightmare. Stuff had to be moved, shutters had to be taken down, window ledge tiles had to be banged up, and it was so hot I opened the windows. What did Mr Dyson do? He turned himself on again! Pollen! Dust! He was all “Gimme!” Yep, he’s kind of amazing. He ran until he felt the air quality was good and then he shut himself off.

Then we found the dreaded black mold. Then I couldn’t breathe. I got pretty sick. Then I hired a bunch of people to come tear my home apart, and another bunch of people to rebuild it. 

During that time, Mr Dyson ran like a top. I turned off the auto and set him to be on all the time. He showed me all the junk that was in my air and he showed me that he was cleaning it. He’s very sensitive, and he’s a superstar. On account of the drywalling that had to be done, I’m still running it now.

If you’re like me and are sensitive to all kinds of airborne things (acetone and polish fumes included), this actually might be the fan for you. I’ve had so much trouble breathing since the window replacement. I can’t even imagine how much worse I’d be if I didn’t have this Dyson Air Purifying Fan running 24/7. 

Right now I’m still recovering from toxic-mold exposure and still have to rely on inhalers to make it through the day, but slowly I’m getting better. I’m more heavily reliant on this fan to clean as much junk out of my air before I breathe it than I ever thought I would be. The fact it removes so many impurities makes me feel like I’m really helping myself heal simply by running this fan.

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Fan Pollutants

Every day, the levels of airborne junk get lower and lower so I’ve set him back to auto. Now he comes on when I cook stuff (he really, really doesn’t seem to like that which is weird because almost everything I make is delicious and nutritious) or when I dust (which I have to do every 4 days since the construction or I can’t breathe) and whenever I do mah nailz. He’s become a part of my home – a part of my family, even.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan _ Mari Lagrange 2018

I love him and soon I will have to give him back (this one is a loaner from Dyson). But I tell ya what, that’s okay though because as soon as my bank account (aka Nick's wallet) recovers from all the things that chewed it up this year, I’m gonna get me a new one. Yes, yes I am.

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