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Dealing with stubborn acne, braided hairstyles for Fall and more from the Lipstick League
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Avene Soothing Sheet Mask – a fragranced disappointment

Avene Soothing Sheet Mask – a fragranced disappointment

This week the Lipstick League wonders, "what's the last product you really wanted to love, but didn't?" Surprisingly, I was terribly disappointed by an Avene Soothing Sheet Mask.

Avene Thermal Spring Water is my favourite thermal water – it soothes skin redness so quickly. I also quite like several of the products I've tried. But I have an issue: although the brand is all about sensitive and sensitized skin, almost all their products are fragranced, and it drives me a little nuts. Still, I thought the Avene Soothing Sheet Mask would be mostly thermal water, with some soothing and hydration-boosting ingredients. When I spotted them in an NYC drugstore, I grabbed two up right quick, eager to try them.

Instead, the Avene Soothing Sheet Mask made me crazy. I found the fragrance so strong that I could barely keep the sheet on my face. On top of that, the mask had very little hydrating effect on my skin. Very disappointing. I never bothered with the second mask I'd purchased. Don't know where it is, at this point. Realized I'd do better to soak a Muji Compressed Facial Sheet Mask in Avene Thermal Spring Water ($21.95 CAD at and $18.50 USD at and maybe some essence.

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Blushing Noir is Currently Craving the Benefit Brow Contour Pro. Brooke has a lot of sparse areas in her brows and thinks product like this, with 2 brow shades plus a definer and highlighter, is exactly what she's been looking for her whole adult life.

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So, what's the last product that you wanted to love, but loathed instead?

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