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Pantene BB Creme, Combing Cream and Conditioning Spray

Pantene BB Creme, Combing Cream and Conditioning Spray

This week the Lipstick League asks, "how do you protect your hair from damage in the summer?"

I don't really do much to damage my hair, actually, whether it's summer or winter. Part of that is because I prefer my hair dark, so I don't use lightening chemistry. I do occasionally cover greys, but because the Vidal Sasson Salonist shade I like is as dark as my natural colour, it simply deposits pigment, and a ton of emollients too so that my results are wonderfully supple, soft and glossy. So, colour aside, that's really like a "protective layer" conditioning process.

When I wash my hair, I always, always condition, usually with whatever goes with my shampoo. My fairly thick hair's naturally wavy, so it's already on the dry side (sebum travels most easily down straight strands; the wavier or curlier the hair, the less likely sebum is to reach the tips). Conditioning regularly helps reduce that dryness. It protects too in that it minimizes overall friction. 

And the way I style my hair is more protective than damaging, too. I use a curl-enhancing cream or mousse layered over leave-in conditioner or detangler to encourage soft, frizz-free waves. My current leave-in is a recently purchased bottle of Pantene Leave-In Conditioning Spray, the Repair & Protect Detangler on the right side of the opening image. So far so good.

Mostly I let my hair air dry, but even when I go the mechanical route, I minimize potential damage by using a Dyson Supersonic – I only need to use it for about four minutes. And on day two, I use the Pantene Leave-In Conditioning Spray to re-animate my waves.

I'm not spending much time in the sun – I don't anyway – so my hair's not suffering any particular seasonal damage.

All this to say that although I'm not doing anything special to protect my hair from summer damage, my low-styling-stress + regular-conditioning routine takes care of that.

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Okay, now you. Do you regularly condition your hair? Do you need something extra to keep it looking healthy in summer?

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