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We've had reports that some beautygeeks can't see or leave comments on our posts right now; here's why.
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What lies beneath... (Lake Louise, Alberta, 10 May 2018 via iPhone 6Plus)

What lies beneath... (Lake Louise, Alberta, 10 May 2018 via iPhone 6Plus)

Hi lovelies! We've heard from some of you that you can't see the comments section that we normally keep at the end of our posts, waaaaaay down around the bottom of the screen. Obviously, we still keep them in the same place, but something in the ether has rendered them invisible to our beautygeeks friends in Europe.

That "something" is likely the new EU internet privacy legislation that went into effect about three weeks ago.

Here's the explanation from our lovely Tempest-platform tech support team:

Currently, comments are not visible in the EU; my guess is that those readers that are unable to view the comments are located there. The comments are powered by Disqus, and we're working with them to get comments re-enabled in the EU again. We're not aware of any issue where comments are not visible except in the EU currently - and since we're able to see them here, I don't think we can troubleshoot this further at this time.

I don't know how much longer our EU-based friends will be left hanging, but the problem's been identified, and Tempest must be one of many that has contacted the Disqus Geek Squad to encourage a fast fix, right? Hope it's fixed SOOOOON! We love our EU pals!