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Aww man. Eyeshadow palette questions. I'm not great with those...
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This week the Lipstick League wonders what your favourite cool-toned eyeshadow palettes might be. 

Questions about shadow shades are hard for me because I tend not to play much in Eyeshadow Land. Every day I wear makeup is still a day I try to apply my makeup at home rather than in the back of an Uber, and most of those days are fails because I end up applying my makeup in the back of an Uber. Thus I rely on my tried-and-true favourites because I know exactly what I'm going to get every time. That often means skipping shadow in favour of a bright lipstick because it's a faster look to achieve. But when I do wear shadow...

Hi, my name is Janine and I'm stuck in an eyeshadow rut. I don't think it's a bad rut given that it's a Charlotte Tilbury rut. Plus, because there are three shadows, there are options for mixing the look up, whether I wear one shade on its own or two or three of them in a variety of applications.

Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Look in a Palette: more neutral than cool shadows, but def not warm

Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Look in a Palette: more neutral than cool shadows, but def not warm

Yep, I'm still wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Look in a Palette ($85 CAD at and I've already bought a back-up for when it's time to replace this one. (Right now the Natural Beauty Instant Look in a Palette appears to be out of stock everywhere except via the Canadian side of 

Okay, this is a face kit with three shadows, so it doesn't really count as an eyeshadow palette. But it's truly the only palette I really ever need for any occasion. I'm wearing it in almost every selfie since the palette launched back in 2016. I'm wearing it in all the selfies in this post

And those neutral eyeshadows are more neutral than cool, I know. They're more neutral than warm, anyway, even though the second shade is a soft gold and the third is a taupe.

I do have a bunch of lovely new things to try, but I just haven't been in the right frame of mind lately. Working on it, though.

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So. Do you have a favourite cool-toned eyeshadow palette or two?

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