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If you love shimmer and haven't met this one yet, lemme introduce you.
Native War Paints Saucy Minx

Native War Paints Saucy Minx

Hallo fellow polish nerds! It’s NWP and me! What’s NWP? Oh, it’s the Native War Paints indie polish brand created by Amanda Pigeon-Scribner who brews out of the US.

Native War Paints Saucy Minx November 2017

Native War Paints Saucy Minx

I’m just here today to show you this one because it’s here on my desk and I need something classically NWP to show you what you’ll be missing if you don’t make it to Indie Expo Canada 2018.

Native War Paints Saucy Minx November 2017 NOTD

NWP Saucy Minx

This is Saucy Minx and she’s a perfect example to showcase the shimmer that finds its way into many, many, many of Amanda’s polishes. She’s a shimmer genius – one of the best. If you’re all about the classy shimmer and didn’t know about Native War Paints nail polish, now you do.

If you’re in or around the Toronto area on Sunday June 10, you might want to think about making your way downtown to the Hyatt Regency. I'll be there at IEC 2018 making goo-goo eyes at all dis shimmer. You're comin' too, yes?

Oh... prolly I should mention that you won’t be able to get a bottle of this Saucy Minx because it’s a limited, purchased in a November 2017 box (sucka!!!!). But you’ll be able to get you some other really beautiful shades, I promise.

Native War Paints Penny Penny Penny _ 1000 Days of Untried Nail Polish Week 4

Native War Paints Penny, Penny, Penny

Last year at IEC 2017 I picked up this crazy gorgeous NWP Penny, Penny, Penny (above). See what kind of shimmerz you'll be missing if you don't get to Indie Expo Canada 2018? See?

Here, the linky things: / fb / ig / fb / ig / tickets


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