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Help! I need help! I needs an army! Say, you wanna be in it? It's for a good cause!
Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire PPU January 2018 _ H1

Hallo fellow polish nerdies! Today I’m gonna show you this Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire. It’s not mine, it’s Cath’s. And I wannit – really, really badly, a lot, a lot, a lot.

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire PPU 2018

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire

Where’d Cath get it? Polish Pickup. When? January 2018. How come I didn’t get one? Because I was away. How many times did I kick myself afterwards? Many times.

But wait! Hold on! Stay right there! Let me tell you there’s a maybe possible chance of lighting striking twice!

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire PolishPickup

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire

This July, PPU (Polish PickUp) is doing a “Bring Back” month. That means makers are going to bring back one of the shades they’ve PPU’d in the past. 

Mariah has a poll going on Great Lakes Lacquer Lovers and so far, Glass on Fire is just edging out O'Rlyeh? I’m on the edge of mah seat! I want Glass on Fire! I wannit!

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire Mattified

Great Lakes Lacquer Glass on Fire Mattified

If you want one too and are really going to get one for yourself (or a friend), I suggest you head on over to The Facebook and cast your vote. If it’s not for Glass on Fire, we can’t be friends anymore.

But only vote if you absolutely 100% intend to buy one. For real. If you’ve already got one and think you’ll be helping me out by voting, don’t – it’s not fair to Mariah (the genius in the bottles) to say you’re going to buy and then leave her hanging. After all, these are hand-crafted labours of love that take time and effort to create.

So? You gonna join mah army of voters? Huh? Or have you already got your Great Lakes Glass on Fire? Were you there in January when I was freezing my butt off in Winnipeg? Or maybe you want Great Lakes Lacquer to bring back sumthin’ else? If that’s the case, get your butt over to the poll & cast your vote!

See ya’ll later, friends!

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manicures & photos karen falcon (JJ wants you to vote for O'Rlyeh? but if you do that, then you'll be a straight-up dream crusher).