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A new range of cream brow enhancers includes white, blue, yellow, pink, green...
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Kat Von D Superbrow Brow Pomade-BEAUTYGEEKS

All I want to do right now is draw my brows on. Hard to do while typing, so I'll play later. First let me geek out about how smart this new Kat Von D brow pomade collection is – I don't even care if there isn't a shade that works for me.

Okay, I do care a bit whether there's a shade for me – I'd like something that comes close to matching my hair without looking too warm, and I suspect I'll need to use at least two shades to get the result I want. But I'm geeking out anyway because this cruelty-free, high-pigment, waterproof cream collection, officially called Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade ($23 CAD and $19 USD at, includes artist shades for for folks who love weird and wonderful colour as well as six neutral shades, a "bleached-effect" shade, and a white as a shade-adjustment colour.

kat von d coloured brow pomade shades

Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade artist shades

Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade artist shades

The above Kat Von D brow pomade colours include (from top left to right, row by row) Aubergine (deep plum), Magenta (vivid pink-purple), Scarlet (bold cherry red), Daffodil (bright yellow), Satellite Blue (vibrant blue), Lemmy Green (emerald), Roxy Purple (high-impact grape), and White Out (pure white for customizing your shades).

Gorgeous as they are, I'll likely not use the coloured shades on my own brows – I'm more of a natural-look type, and besides, I don't dare try that sort of thing in the back of an Uber. But they'll serve as stay-put liner if that's how I decide to use them. Okay, also not that likely, but for a certain set of makeup-junkie types who also adore Kat Von D's more unusual lipstick shades, they're genius.

Fun fact: Before she created this brow pomade collection, Kat Von D defined her own arches with her Tattoo Liner pens ($25 CAD and $20 USD at to get the pigmented, long-wear finish she wanted.

kat von d neutral brow pomade shades

In makeup-for-brows world, few things annoy me more than a two-colour or three-colour range. You know, that blond, light brown and warm dark brown selection. #grrr. (Why is it so hard for brands to include a cool dark brown as a standard hue? And what about redheads? Sure, natural redheads make up only about 2% of the world's population – that percentage hasn't increased in the last 20 years, btw – but lots of people colour their hair red; shouldn't they count too?)

Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade neutral shades

Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade neutral shades

This Kat Von D neutral brow pomade collection offers six shades that go from blonde to next-door-to-black, as well a shade to make your brows look bleached out. The above shades are as follows (from top left to right, row by row): Graphite (black hair), Walnut (dark brown to black hair), Dark Brown (medium to dark brown hair), Medium Brown (light to medium brown hair), Light Brown (dark blonde to light brown hair), Taupe (medium to dark blonde), Blonde (light to medium blonde), and White Out (the mixing shade; it's also in the coloured brow-pomade photo).

Redheads who want a more natural look will have to customize with Scarlet, I think, or maybe Taupe or Light Brown could work... there are options.

If you decide to try one of the Kat Von D brow pomades, just know this: you need just the tiniest bit to start. Even if you love an Instagram brow you can see from another galaxy, start with a little bit and build.

Kat Von D 24-Hr Super Brow Long Wear Pomade in Walnut and Graphite-BEAUTYGEEKS

Kat Von D brow pomade in Walnut and Graphite – and this is what I'd look like with a tight facelift. *grin*

So far I've tried Walnut (for dark brown to black hair) with a little Graphite (for black hair) to fake brow hairs where I haven't got any. The look in the above images that I snapped in the restroom at Toronto's Bisha Hotel after the preview is the closest I've come to sporting Instagram brows. (Fun fact: I've tipped my head way back to get better lighting, and it makes me look like I've had a too-tight facelift. Given the makeup-touch-up-unfriendly lighting – it's all black walls and counters with overhead pot lights that cast the worst shadows as you look straight ahead in the mirror – this washroom had to have been designed by a man.)

Kat Von D brow pomade in Walnut and Graphite-BEAUTYGEEKS

Awkward in-public selfie wearing Kat Von D brow pomade in Walnut and Graphite

A couple of hours later I snapped a quick, slightly awkward stealth selfie Out In Public to see how the effect looked in natural (and overcast) light. And I admit to a bit of disappointment that, on me, Walnut is much warmer than I expected. (I'll try Dark Brown with Graphite next, and update when I do.)

As to the pomade's wear time, it's not entirely budge-proof on me. Could be because I've got a pile of moisturizer under my foundation. It does stay put better than the Anastasia brow pencil I've been using lately (because it's easier to apply in an Uber), though. It's also the first brow pomade I've tried, actually. I've been curious about Anastasia's brow pomade for years, but never got around to getting the right shade. I'd also always felt pigmented pomades might be too much for too-thin sparse brows. But maybe not?

Kat Von D brow brushes: #75 Powder Brow Brush (left) and #70 Pomade Brow Brush (right)

Kat Von D brow brushes: #75 Powder Brow Brush (left) and #70 Pomade Brow Brush (right)

Oh! Almost forgot – Kat Von D designed a specific brush for use with the pomade. The one on the right, it's the #70 Pomade Brow Brush ($22 CAD and $18 USD at The synthetic angled brush has gently staggered lengths at the tip to help create a hair-like effect; it's also designed to create that drawn-on Insta look too, if that's your preference.

The full Kat Von D brow collection includes pencils and powders; more on those soon.

So whaddya think about these brow pomades? Have you used tinted or pigmented brow pomades before? Bring it in the comments! xoxoxo

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