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If the photo in this post doesn't illustrate why we need sunscreen when the sun's lurking stealthily behind clouds, I don't know what will (before UV damage shows on our skin). Three reasons to get your SPF on when it's overcast – even now.
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why wear sunscreen on cloudy days-BEAUTYGEEKS

Today's Lipstick League Q: "What’s the last skincare product you used on your face?"

Erm – well, at the risk of sounding boring (at best) or preachy (at worst), my answer is the same as last week's. Despite it having been the first fully overcast-all-day in a while in Canada's second-sunniest (in hours per year) city, Winnipeg, Manitoba, I slathered my face in Avène SPF 50+ Ultra-Light Mineral Lotion. That's because I know – and most of you know this too (maybe you caught this fact-or-fiction post?) – clouds offer scant protection from UV damage. 

That's the first of three reasons you need sunscreen on cloudy days.

1) Clouds don't block as much UV as you think.

According to Dr. Sonya Cook, a derm based in Toronto at Compass Dermatology, clouds only filter out about 10 or 20% of UV rays.

It's overcast, but the sun's still visible behind the clouds. And who checks to make sure it's fully obscured?

It's overcast, but the sun's still visible behind the clouds. And who checks to make sure it's fully obscured?

The image (above) that I snapped for this post is a clear illustration of why cloudy days don't mean UV safety. You might think you're safe because you don't see the sun, but how often do you look up to check? Granted, some cloudy days are darker than others, but your skin would be happier protected against any stealth UV exposure.

And of course I put sunscreen on before popping out to take this shot, even though I was only out for about a minute-point-five. (That mightn't have been necessary, but I couldn't deliberately NOT do it.)

Anyone else remember Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Cloudscreen sunscreen?

2) UV rays ricochet off reflective surfaces, like water (including droplets in the air) and snow – they bounce off pavement, sand and grass, too.

Right now the UV-bounce from the ton of snow still on the ground in Winnipeg is nuts – the glare even on overcast days calls for shades as well as sunscreen. Clouds block UVB pretty easily – hence overcast conditions – but UVA is sly, invisible and persistent.

3) We underestimate early-Spring sunshine because it's cold or chilly out.

Think of this time of year as the first of two bookends to summer. "The sun in April is as strong as it is in August," notes Dr. Cook. (Obvi, Fall is the other bookend.)

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So what's the last skincare product you used on your face? And does anyone else think that maybe Neutrogena should release Ultra-Sheer Cloudscreen sunscreen, even if it's their same SPF formula in a "cloudy-day" bottle? Or that every brand should throw SPF in a "Cloudy Day" packaging? Would it sell??

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