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This Lipstick-League answer should be obvious, but maybe only to us in this reading-and-writing-about-beauty-stuff industry, especially in countries with a snow season.
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This week the lovely Lipstick League members are asking what's the best skincare product that you use year-round?

I forget sometimes that I live in a strange bubble filled with information that is taken to heart mostly by other people in the same arena. Granted, this particular item can be classified as "less frivolous" than a lot of topics we cover, but even then, few outside-the-beauty-bubble folks care as much as we do about UV protection.

They care even less when it's winter, when the sun's rays are weaker despite its position closer to the earth. (I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba right now, and let me tell you this sunshine is no wimp. According to the Internet, although nicknamed "Winterpeg" and tagged in national news for being colder than Mars and the North Pole on Boxing Day last December, this is the second sunniest major city in Canada, with 2353 hours of sunshine per year. Toronto, where I live, is the 10th sunniest, with 2066 hours.)

The thing is that harmful UV is sneaky. It has a dual personality: UVB is the fun-loving, reckless life of the party everybody knows because it lives in sunshine and we can feel it on our skin; UVA is the stealthy, silent infiltrator that slips easily through windows and clouds and the top layers of our skin all. year. long. to cause insidious damage we see and feel only when it's too late.

I'm 49 (no fillers or Botox); 12 March 2018-BEAUTYGEEKS

I'm 49 (no fillers or Botox – but my iPhone screen had pulled away from my camera!); 12 March 2018

The other thing to remember is that sunscreen can actually reverse the skin-aging process. It allows the skin to remain in repair mode because it doesn't have to defend itself from UV during the day. If you've always worn sunscreen every day and continue to do so, it seriously delays the appearance of visible aging.

So, because I know all this and I live in this skincare-obsessed bubble, I'm all about sunscreen all the damn time. I use an SPF 50+ daily, either in the form of fragrance-free Avène SPF 50+ Ultra-Light Mineral Lotion, my favourite for complexion protection, or It Cosmetics SPF 50+ CC Cream, which also defends with mineral UV filters as it evens out skin tone. #thisis49

And I can't wait for this: three shades of tinted Avene SPF 50+ Ultra-Light Mineral Lotion are launching this May! Watch the @imabeautygeek Instagram stories in the Instagram app for a sneak peek.

Aside: I doubt it'll happen, but wouldn't it be great if all windows in houses, office buildings and cars, by law, had to be coated in UV-protective film? If I had a car, I'd do all the windows. Wonder how expensive it would be to do my apartment?

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Now you: what's your favourite skincare item that you use year-round?

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