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If you're not a fan of leaving lipstick prints on your drinking glass every time you take a sip, what do you think of these?
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Ikea OMEDELBAR Lipstick Glasses_yes or no

A set of limited-edition lipstick glasses at Ikea in the United States got me thinking. First thought: Ally hates leaving lip colour impressions on cups and glasses; wonder what she'd think of these? Second thought: Wait, I don't like leaving lip prints on drink-ware either, and I bet Ally and I aren't the only ones who feel this way.

So, let's take a poll: 

  1. Does leaving a lipstick prints on your mug or glass when you drink make you crazy? 
  2. Would you buy these OMEDELBAR Lipstick Glasses ($3.99 USD for a 2-pack at Ikea stores)? Or would you shun them?

For details on the latest Ikea design collab (US-only) with stylist and costume designer Bea Åkerlund – she's worked with Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé – hotlink to this page here. The collection launched this month in US Ikea stores exclusively.

Ikea OMEDELBAR Lipstick Glasses – what if you hate lipstick prints on your drink-ware?-BEAUTYGEEKS

OMEDELBAR Lipstick Glasses; $3.99 USD for a 2-pack at Ikea stores

I'm pretty certain I've seen lip-print artwork screened on mugs or glasses before. But the day before I spotted these online, I'd worn a bright liquid lipstick and had wiped my prints off the rim of my white coffee mug after each darned sip. If I had one of these glasses, would I just line my own lips up with the print to camouflage my smears? Or would the print itself bother me endlessly? Depends on the day, I think. *grin*

Looking forward to your response!