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Lookit! It’s another new-to-me brand! So much the funs! Plus some Hocus Pocus...
Mavala Mauve Cendre 152 Nail Polish Swatches NOTD

This little darling came to me all the way from The France! Liza Herz (yes, The Liza Herz) impulse bought it for me while she was in The France last year. She’s been carrying this around in her purse ever since, just hoping that one day we’d have a chance to catch up and she could bestow this gem upon me. Last week, we seen'd each other! Yay!

Mavala Mauve Cendré 152 Nail Polish Swatches 1

Malvala Mauve Cendré 152

And you know what? This really is a gem (even with the I’ve-Been-in-Liza’s-&-Karen's-Purses scratches). The 2-coat creamy formula, the brush, the finish – it’s all just gorgeous. They’re wicked-hard to hold for shootin’ but everything else about them just makes me smile. Even the mini-ness (5ml) is adorbs.

Mavala Mauve Cendré 152 Swatches

Malvala Mauve Cendré 152

Here in Canada, the Switzerland-based Mavala used to have store presence, but seems to have vanished over the last several years. The brand recently launched an IG account but apart from, I haven’t been able to find a brick-and-mortar Canadian retailer. Their IG pops me to Paris and that doesn’t work for me, know what I’m sayin’? I’m hoping that someday soon, I’ll be wandering the polish aisle and all of a sudden, Mavala nail polish will again appear! What, a girl can dream, no?

Girly Bits Hocus Pocus Swatches over Mavala Mauve Cendré 152

Girly Bits Hocus Pocus over Malvala Mauve Cendré

Girly Bits Hocus Pocus over Malvala Mauve Cendré (above). On another whole different note, how about some local coverage, huh? Ha! Local coverage! Why is that punny? Well it’s because I covered my 2 coats of Mavala Mauve Cendré with a single coat of the locally produced (Ontario, Canada), Girly Bits Cosmetics Hocus Pocus! See? Local coverage! Huzzah!

That’s it for me today – I gotta go paint a wall with real paint and, like, a roller thingy.

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Manicures & photos Karen Falcon (thank you, Liza!! Now I need MOAR!)