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Are you really interested in what's actually in your skincare and makeup? Is the science behind your beauty stuff fascinating? Or mind-numbing?
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How interested are you in the geeky ingredient and formula details of your beauty stuff

Glossier and Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss thinks that formula details are of no real interest to Glossier fans, as long as they like how the products perform.

Yep, that's the truth, according to a New York Magazine profile of Weiss on Written by Amy Larocca, the piece touches on Weiss's career journey from her tween years (she wrote a letter to Vogue when she was 12; it was published in the magazine) to a stint at Ralph Lauren to her brief reality TV gig on "The Hills" to present day and beyond (Glossier retail doors are set to open later this year). And there's this:

The brand’s motto is skin first, but Glossier doesn’t bore you with science. (In fact, Weiss chooses not to share the details of her products’ formulations. She just doesn’t think her customers care about ingredients if they’re happy with the results.)

To clarify, yes, product ingredients are listed on the Glossier website, along with a "key ingredients" call-out, but apparently Weiss isn't inclined to discuss details, such as ingredient ratios and concentrations, for instance (according to Anne-Marie Guarnieri, deputy beauty director at Harper's Bazaar US).

I haven't interviewed Weiss on formulas (frankly, I'd want to speak with a Glossier chemist – that's who would have the kind of info I'd geek out about, the way I do in this post about Aveeno Body Yogurt, and this one about Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser, and this one about EOS Crystal Lip Balm), so I don't know firsthand what she will or won't disclose. But I'm surprised at the notion she might not share details further than a simple listing simply because she doesn't see a reason to do so.

What do you think? How interested are you in the geeky science behind the products you use? Is anything more than the list of ingredients boring? I have a fair idea how a number of you will respond – we have to chat about this!

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