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Big jumpy claps for our lovely Liza, who won in the Best Feature category!
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Liza Herz

Liza Herz

Yaaaay for our lovely Liza (leeza) Herz, who recently took home a sleek and weighty P&G Beauty Award for Best Feature! Her winning story, called Paintball in the March 2017 issue of Fashion Magazine, examines today's beauty extremes, from heavily painted to au naturel. The Awards took place last week in Toronto and were hosted by Canadian supermodel, author and entrepreneur Coco Rocha.

We, of course, are longtime fans of our Liza's work. Few beauty writers these days research like she does, and her beauty context is incredible. And as you know from reading her posts here too, Liza's warmth and smart humour infuse everything she does. This year's P&G Beauty Award nomination wasn't Liza's first, although it was her first win. (The 2017 independent panel of judges recognized her work for its wealth of sources, balance, context and structure.)

You'll find Liza's award-winning story at as Instagram Makeup vs "No Makeup" Makeup: We Explore the Politics of Beauty. You'll also want to read All the Silver Ladies and Jane Fonda on Choosing Between Your Ass and Your Face (and Other Life Lessons)

Liza's latest post for Beautygeeks is her fragrance gift guide for anyone whose favourite season is Sweater; coming soon is a guide for the rest of us in denial over the impending cold weather.

Congratulations, Liza! We love you bunches!! xoxo

Find Liza on Instagram here. Congrats too to all the other winners at this year's P&G Beauty Awards; check out the gallery here.