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Yay! Holiday groceries with Joe just got more fun!
Joe Fresh Nail Polish Swatches Holiday 2017 Collection

I love Joe Fresh polish. Well, I did until it came out in Gel Look formula. Then I didn’t love it so much. But now, I love it again! I can’t be sure, but it feels like maybe they’ve tweaked the formula and now they’re as easy to work with as the Joe polishes of old. Let’s look at Joe Gel Look! Ha – see what I did there?

joe fresh holiday nail polish 2017

Joe Fresh Frosted Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Frosted – Holiday 2017 (above). Yep, a shimmery, frosty, pearly white that wasn’t a total PITA. What’s a PITA? It’s a pain in the ass. This one was not. No pita, but streaky and yet somehow perfectly holiday appropriate.

Joe Fresh Pink Wish Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Pink Wish – Holiday 2017 (above). Another pearly-frost shade where the streaks don’t dry down. But I’m okay with that because it totally reminds me of a whole bunch of things I have in my Helmers. This old school finish has been making the rounds and it always makes me smile to see everyone jump on that same Old School Bandwagon.

Joe Fresh Sparkling Glitz – Holiday 2017 (above). Yes, #SpeedSwatching just for you.

Joe Fresh Mauve-ulous Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Mauve-ulous – Holiday 2017 (above). I dunno about mauve, but I do know about love! This is my #1 neutral shade of ever. Taupey, nutty, mocha-java-y, and perfect in 2 coats. And there’s no top there. None.

Joe Fresh Gothika Blue Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Gothika Blue – Holiday 2017 (above). Blurple! Shimmery, shiny, inky blurple in 2 quick coats!

Joe Fresh Soul Train Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Gel Look Soul Train (above). I know you’re looking at this crazy shiny mega-blackened purple and thinking it’s black. I don’t blame you, it looks black to me too – even though it ain’t. *shrug*.

Joe Fresh Dark Pine Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Gel Look Dark Pine (above). Yeah!!! A dark evergreen that looks dark evergreen! I have no idea how my iPhone actually caught this but I consider this photo a huge win. Mostly it looked black so when I loaded up the pictures and saw this, you wouldn’t even believe the happy dancing that went on all up in here! Greeeen! I caught it! Oh – 2 coats, no top. There’s no top on any of these.

Joe Fresh Lover's Kiss Gel Look Nail Polish - Holiday 2017

Joe Fresh Lover’s Kiss – Holiday 2017 (above). And finally, I know my nails are lighter than the bottle shade, and that’s because I only did 1 coat. I don’t like to do multiple coats of reds if I don’t have to (because I’m hella-scared of cuticle & sidewall staining). This thing went on like the best dream of ever; I could have easily done 2 coats because the brush/formula combo was swell. I mean, just look at that cuticle line! You know I didn’t do any cleanup there, right? It just went on like that!

So there you are, friends! It’s the Joe Fresh Holiday 2017 nail polish collection and it’s out in Canada at Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Provigo, and Maxi & Ci stores now. It’ll run you $5 a bottle so don’t forget to pop down the cosmetics aisle when you head out to do your groceries this week!

Later, ya’ll!

Manicures & Photos Karen Falcon (she hoards all her Joe polish b/c she really, really loves the stuff).