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OMG, have you seen the packaging on this collab with the fabulous Spanish star?
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MAC Rossy De Palma collection boxes

If you've never bought something just for the sake of the packaging, the MAC Rossy de Palma collection might change that. One word: lenticular.

mac rossy de palma

Actually, that's not quite right. Sure, lenticular images are super-fun when you find them in unexpected places, like when Fashion Magazine beauty director Lesa Hannah found one of a famous handsome designer at a dollar store. But, as was the case with Lesa's find, the subject matter is just as important.

In this lenticular case, Rossy de Palma's distinctive features are everything.

MAC Rossy De Palma lenticular compacts

Most refer to the striking, bold-featured Spanish actress/musician/artist/muse as an "unconventional beauty" – this W Magazine piece refers to de Palma's "Modigliani-type face." She has the most wonderful nose, large and expressive hazel eyes, beautiful full lips and teeth a North American actress would never get away with.

De Palma, 53, is also quite fabulous, playful and flamboyant – and all of that is right there in the MAC Rossy de Palma packaging. Even the boxes are display-worthy. But the lenticular images on eye shadow and lip palettes... they're a terrific pause button, especially if you're having a crap day. Here, look:

The MAC Rossy de Palma collection consists of four lipsticks in warm gold-tone limited-edition packaging ($22 CAD at, a lip gloss palette of three bold shades ($26 CAD), a sparkly-white + matte-black eye shadow duo ($26 CAD), a high-impact eye shadow quad ($42 CAD), lashes ($20 CAD), two bright blushes ($27 CAD each), a cream colour base duo featuring a lenticular of Rossy de Palma's distinctive nose ($26 CAD), Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder in a gold-tone compact ($33 CAD), and glitter in red and blue ($26 CAD each).

The interior of the compacts are just as vivid and colourful – statement-making. 

MAC Rossy de Palma collection (available until Nov 16th)

MAC Rossy de Palma collection (available until Nov 16th)

I'm more likely to wear a lip colour, Frenesi in particular – it's a brilliant red fuchsia. And obviously that lip gloss palette is already making its home in my purse (I do wish it had a little sleeve, though, to keep the finish pristine).

"Beauty is happiness," Rossy de Palma declares in the MAC promo video (2nd vid below). "Beauty is... glitter!" I don't know about the glitter part – *grin* – but the collection's lenticular compacts definitely make me happy.

If you're tempted, you've got about a week left to snag something from the collection – they're on counter and online until November 16th. (Sorry!!)

Whaddya think? Are you familiar with Rossy de Palma's work? Is there anything in the collection you'd wear? Have you ever bought something just for the packaging?

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