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Ermahgerd! Is this a fake OPI?? Or could it just be new labelling?

I know lots of people all over the interwebz are confused by the new OPI bottle labels that started showing up mid-2017. No, they’re not fake OPI, they’re just redesigned. 

I made you a picture that shows you the new bottle vs two genuine 2014 bottles. How do I know my 2014 bottles are genuine even though they look a little different from each other? OPI sent them to me directly from the factory, that’s how.

New OPI Bottle Labels 2017 Front Back

OPI 2017 Front & Back vs OPI 2014 Bottles 

Maybe one day I’ll make you a post of front, back, and bottom labels from as far back as my OPI Archives goes but that day is 100% not today. Ha! 

Now you know; that new label ain't fake, it's just new. If you need to share this valuable information with muggles, please do include a link and don't just steal my picture and post it wherever. I wouldn't do that to you 'cause that would be like taking polish money right out of your wallet.

Later, ya'll!