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From 'wear sunscreen daily' to 'add serum to your regimen' to 'line your upper waterline' to 'use yellow corrector on brown under-eye circles,' to 'don't touch your curls,' what's the skincare or makeup or haircare tip has really helped you?
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Deciem The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution-BEAUTYGEEKS

Two words: glycolic acid. Yes, that daily sunscreen diligence actually reduces fine lines and photo-aging is one of the best beauty tips I've acquired so far. But when it comes to smoother, breakout-free skin that looks healthy without makeup, glycolic acid was key for me.

In my late-20s when my complexion was a constellation of zits, a Neostrata 8% glycolic acid toner changed my skin for the so much better. A derm introduced me to it (and initially prescribed it in a compound with clindamycin, an antibiotic); within just a few weeks I was nearly breakout free, and the texture of my skin was hugely improved. My skin was better in my 30s, and now in my 40s, than it ever was in my 20s.

And you don't need to have acne-prone skin to benefit from glycolic acid – it's a good friend to dry skin, too. A gentle formula (lower than 8% strength) will help keep dry patches at bay and help skin absorb hydrating serums and cream better.

I don't need an 8% dose twice a day any more because my sebum production has eased up a bit; my skin rarely breaks out. Now to keep my skin smooth I like at-home peels or occasional swipes with an AHA toner – I'll love Neostrata forever, but I've got Deciem's The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution on deck right now. 

Glycolic will probably always be part of my overall regimen. Worth saying: same re: sunscreen and every hydrating serum I can get my hands on. Or my face on. Or on my face.

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What beauty tip has had the most impact in your beauty life?

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