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Tips on getting the best out of this new system of complexion makeup – especially the forehead primer.
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Best Way to Apply Revlon Youth FX Makeup-BEAUTYGEEKS

The new Revlon Youth FX system is getting a lot of attention right now, partly because it's new Revlon, partly because it's a silicone-based system that hasn't quite been presented this way before, and partly because it requires a bit of care in one or two areas. And once you master a little learning curve, the results are worth it.

My makeup regimen is fairly simple, yet in the last couple of years it's evolved to include steps I never bothered with before, such as foundation, and contour, and sometime two eyebrow items. I rarely bother with primer, and same for eyeshadow. But when an occasion warrants a little extra effort, I'll add steps to my regimen because they're help me feel more confident and help my makeup suit the circumstances. The new Revlon Youth FX makeup collection I geeked out about in this sponsored post is designed exactly for that kind of use.

The Revlon Youth FX primers, though, seem to be causing puzzlement.

explaining revlon youth fx primers

Yep, you probably noticed right off that there are two primers in the Revlon Youth FX collection, one for forehead and one for face/neck. 

Best way to apply Revlon Youth FX Fill & Blur Primers for Forehead and for Face/Neck-BEAUTYGEEKS

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Forehead and for Face/Neck

Each Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur primer ($21.99 CAD at and $19.99 USD at has a different consistency designed for that specific area. The forehead primer is a milky liquid; the face/neck primer is a thicker silicone balm with a slight tint that disappears on skin. Both are supposed to plump and hydrate, too.

best way to use youth fx primer for forehead

Revlon Youth FX Fix & Blur Primer for Forehead comes with a brush for application. Do NOT paint it on the same direction as your wrinkles or fine lines. Painting horizontally drags the brush bristles in grooves and lines too, and prevents them from filling up properly with the liquid. The unfortunate result is an ugly emphasis on those horizontal grooves, plus an outline of the product around the edges. Not good.

The BEST way to use the Revlon Youth FX forehead primer is to paint it on generously in vertical strokes over the entire forehead – the brush motion across grooves and crevices deposits the liquid easily to fill them up – then tap-blend lightly with fingertips to create a smooth film, over the entire forehead. Let it dry fully. (Then leave as is, or apply foundation on top.)

UPDATE: I hadn't planned to use this spur-of-the-moment clip I shot on the set of the Revlon Youth FX shoot, but it shows how to apply the Forehead primer so clearly...

best way to use youth fx primer for face/neck

The Revlon Youth FX Fix & Blur Primer for Face/Neck is easier to use because it's a more familiar texture. Push the bottom of the tube up to dispense the primer balm through the applicator. Stroke it under eyes, and blend with a fingertip. Repeat over smile brackets, and repeat in vertical strokes all over your neck if you have neck creases to minimize. Again, use a fingertip to finesse the edges.

You can apply foundation over the primer on the face, but you don't need to. And you don't need foundation over the primer on the neck; its slight tint helps it camouflage deep grooves and crevices on its own.

And of course you can wear the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation without the primers. You'll get a bit of smoothing action, just not as much as you would with the primers.

There are a few more application tips in the previous Revlon Youth FX post, including one about the type of moisturizer that seems to work best underneath it all, as well as a complete list of Youth FX ingredients.

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