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Wavy hair comes with that F-word challenge – frizz – and a high probability of bad-hair-day every 24 hours. Here's how I deal; how 'bout you?
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This week's Lipstick League question leads to a confession on my part. First, the ask: what are your fave hair products right now?

Wavy hair: to control frizz, it's not WHAT you apply to wet hair, it's HOW

Confession: there's a reason I crop most of my hair out in every photograph. I'm so low-effort about styling my waves – I just don't put in the time it would take to make them fabulous before I leave the house. I generally spray with a leave-in, throw on some curl-enhancing gel/mousse, and go. That means my hair's still wet when I get to wherever. And because I'm half-arsed about the styling product distribution, as it dries, the back of my hair in particular frizzes up and looks... well, not great.

When I take care to apply my styling products properly before I rush out with my hair still wet, by about 7pm when my hair's air-dried thoroughly I'll end up with really nice glossy waves and curls that look like I used a hot iron. But few people ever see my hair like that because all my day's appointments are usually done by then. *sheepish grin*

In this photo, you can see my hair. That's because it's actually done, curled by a professional hair stylist with a hot iron. I don't do that... at least not yet.

In fact, although it doesn't look quite like this without a curling wand, I'm having better hair days more often now, at least earlier in the day, because I finally have my very own Dyson Supersonic, courtesy of our Liza (LEEZA) Herz. (When I was out of town, she attended an event featuring celebrity hairstylist and Dyson spokesperson Jen Atkin, and received a sample unit on the way out. Liza doesn't use hair appliances, but knew I was planning to buy one of these, so... isn't she the best??) And after years and years of not bothering with heat-styling, I'm now using the Dyson almost daily. Five minutes with the diffuser on wet or re-wetted hair helps create the shape, softness and shine I'd ordinarily not have until the end of the day.

Interestingly, the styling products I use haven't changed in a while, which proves that whether or not I get nicely shaped waves and curls comes down pretty much exclusively to my application technique. Celebrity stylist Harry Josh isn't kidding when he notes that just mucking product through the hair isn't enough, that this methodical approach is key to frizz-freedom.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Express Repair Conditioner ($6.97 CAD at and $5.49 USD at, a bi-phase-esque spray with liquid keratin, is my first step, followed by Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Cream Gel, ($2.97 USD at which has inexplicably been discontinued in Canada (I stocked up when I spotted the stuff in St. Maarten – bought seven tubes on my last trip), and a hit of Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Creation Mousse ($3.97 CAD at and $2.99 USD at to dilute the cream gel slightly for improved spreadability.

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So what hair stuff is doing it for you, these days?

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