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If I could, I'd give you all – regardless of skin type and, for the most part, age – the following three of my favourite beauty items. I totes would.
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Another excellent and challenging question from the Lipstick League: If you could give everyone 3 of your fave beauty products, what would they be?

One year for Christmas I gave several friends and family members each a tube of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast epidermal recovery balm and a package of Shiseido Facial Cotton because everyone needs those. Hence the 2.0 at the end of this post's hed.

Three beauty items I'd give EVERYONE if I could: Clarisonic Uplift w Facial Massage attachment, Dermarche Labs Roloxin Lift masks and Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty palette

Three beauty items I'd give EVERYONE if I could: Clarisonic Uplift w Facial Massage attachment, Dermarche Labs Roloxin Lift masks and Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty palette

Six years later, I still consider Cicaplast and Shiseido cotton pads universal essentials. But now I wish I could also give everyone the three I-heart-them items in the above image. 

I have such big love for the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift with Firming Massage Head attachment ($429 CAD at and $349 USD at I'm working on a more detailed post about it, but until then, know this: daily manual facial massage as you apply your skincare can at the very least help de-puff (lymphatic drainage, hello). The right moves can also help define your contours (like this $300 facial), increase micro-circulation and help the epidermis absorb skincare better – and that's just using your hands. 

As you'd expect, daily facial massage amped up with sonic tech is beyond next level. The Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift with the Firming Massage Head  delivers 27,000 micro-firming massages in just 3 minutes. According to the brand, a 12-week, twice-daily clinical test using the  Smart Profile Uplift and a plain, no-actives cream resulted in a visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and pore size, and an increase in skin bounce and radiance. 

For various reasons, I haven't been as diligent with my use of the Smart Profile Uplift massage attachment, but I do love it – it feels so good, and it takes only a couple of sessions for the skin to feel different, more energized.

If you already have a Clarisonic Smart Profile unit, the Firming Massage Head is a totally worth-it $79 CAD and $54 USD. It fits other Clarisonic units, but the sonic frequency of the Smart Profile is higher and necessary to get the promised benefits. That $400 price tag isn't easy for most of us though, hence the wish I could just give one to everyone, guys too. (Mine is a PR sample.)

My adoration for Dermarché Labs Roloxin Lift Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Masks (from $59 CAD and $45 USD at is as strong as ever – I'll be re-stocking big time when Sephora has its annual Fall sale. Here's my geek-out Roloxin Lift review post, and I have actually given several boxes away to Beautygeeks readers! 

Frankly, these silica-cream-to-powder rinse-off masks are as close to a facelift-in-a-sachet as you can get. They're great for men as well as women, and for pretty much any age that wants a day away from fine lines and saggy-face. (Okay, if you're in your 20s, you probably don't need these unless it's the morning after a week of all-nighters.) Should an opportunity arise to give more Roloxin Lift masks away, give more away I will. (There's a gold version that adds extra radiance; the 24K powder in the formula made a pesky mess of my pedestal sink when I rinsed, so I prefer the original. But perhaps a Roloxin Lift Gold giveaway is in order?)

And you know I'm obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Look Palette ($85 CAD and $75 USD at – it's such a flattering, versatile palette for every age and so many skintones; it's also brilliantly neutral (if you're generally wary of warm makeup shades, you have nothing to fear from this kit). I love this palette so much that I bought a back-up for a mere $51 CAD/$45 USD during the brand's annual summer sale. In lieu of giving one to everyone, I can at least let you know when the next sale is on – toward the end of July 2018? – or encourage you to sign up for the site newsletter (bottom right-hand corner) so you'll get an alert.

If I manage to win a multi-million-dollar cash lottery, I'll give a whole bunch of these three favourites away – along with Cicaplast and Shiseido Facial Cotton. Promise.

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So. What three beauty items would you give to all your friends if you could?

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