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The Lipstick League has eyes on your wallet again, thanks to another VIB Rouge discount.
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Things I wish I'd used my VIB Rouge coupon for...

Things I wish I'd used my VIB Rouge coupon for...

Just the other day, Sephora VIB Rouge members received a $20-off-a-$100-purchase coupon; the Lipstick League wants to know if you used it and what for.

I'm a Sephora VIB Rouge member... and I ignored the discount. Didn't order a darned thing. Didn't even look until I needed to find something to use as an image for this post.

Lovelies, I've been having a terribly tough time making words happen, lately. As a result, I'm suuuuuuuuuper behind on reviews and stories. I have a ton of stuff I still need to tell you about, a ton of good things, and so many just waiting for me to try. So I have no business buying anything to add to the pile.

That said, oooooh the Anastasia blush trios ($39 CAD and $30 USD) are gorgeous, and despite the CAD vs US exchange rate, how could I not want a Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance Lipstick ($52 CAD and $38 USD) – do you see that packaging?? And I've been curious about the Milk Cooling Water gel stick ($29 CAD and $24 USD at for a while...

Damn. Now I wish I'd used the coupon. But it's probably best I didn't, right?

Here's what the Lipstick League is talking about right now

Here's what the Lipstick League is talking about right now

Gouldylox tested Living Proof's Humidity Shield last weekend to find out if it could even touch the frizz she deals with during the summer. Does this stuff really work? Let's find out!

Phyrra created a video to explain What's the Difference Between Cruelty Free and Vegan? Helpful shopping guides included!

we heart this jumps head-first into the British luxury line Elemis. And wow, is it a corker!

Beautygeeks delves into the nitty-gritty of how a skincare clinical study actually is carried out to evaluate how well and how long a cream moisturizes, and how it stacks up against its competition.

Blushing Noir  Not all setting powders are created equal. Brooke has the scoop on the best ones for a matte finish (even when you have super oily skin!) and the brands that have the worst flashback.

EauMG  The newest launch from Lili Bermuda is an orange cream pop perfume that you can wear in the summer without smelling like you’re melting.

fanserviced-b  Sometimes, all it takes is a great skincare dispenser to make Tracy happy.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Gouldylox is Currently Craving: Kelly needs to update her cheek-colour wardrobe, and she's starting with Hushed Tone, an Extra Dimension Blush from MAC ($33 CAD and $28 USD). It's beautiful on everyone!

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So, did ya shop? You know, at Sephora with your $20-off-a-$100-purchase coupon?

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