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This week's Lipstick League question re: green/natural/organic hits a hot button for me.
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The Lipstick League wonders whether a beauty product is green, natural or organic is a main factor in its joining your skincare or makeup rituals. Longtime regular Beautygeeks visitors and close friends know what's coming...

If by "green" you mean the brand has found sound ways to reduce its environmental footprint, I'd say big bonus. If I were choosing between a product that made earth-friendly claims vs not, then it would be the deciding factor: I'd choose the green-leaning product.

Natural and organic both hit my Irritation Hot Button. I abhor the way natural beauty brands position themselves vs anything with synthetics. Most completely misuse the word "toxic," and most simply regurgitate the "natural is always better" rhetoric online. Too few really know anything about ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, irritants, and the difference between anecdotal data and clinical studies.

And sorry, folks, natural is not always better, as anyone with allergies or sensitivities to botanical ingredients will tell you.

However that doesn't mean I won't buy something that isn't natural or organic. I've already declared great love for Consonant's all-natural Come Clean wipes and 2-ingredient HydrExtreme serum. I adore Weleda. I've stocked up on FarmacyTata Harper's Resurfacing Mask is amazing, as is RMS Living Luminizer. Bite Beauty does fabulous lip shades and textures. Leaves of Trees makes a good, effective natural deodorant. Dr. Roebucks and Drunk Elephant know which natural ingredients to avoid. And I'm smitten with some Yves Rocher items for sensitive skin that I'll tell you about soon.

I just have a really difficult time getting past all that natural-brand fearmongering. The minute I see certain words littering a press release or brand messaging or packaging, I shut down, and the chances that I'll ever look at the products themselves are slim.

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So. What about green/natural/organic labelling as a selling point for you?