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This month – that's when Canadians will finally have easier access to Glossier Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, Balm Dotcom, Haloscope, Milky Jelly Cleanser.... Oh, and it's prounounced GLOSSY, EH.
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Glossier in Canada: July 2017-BEAUTYGEEKS

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Canada-based lovelies, whether you're already a Glossier (pronounced glossy, eh) fan or are perhaps merely Glossier-curious, the news is out: as part of its big going-global plans, the brand is, as of July 18th, now available to Canadians via You'll find the country option at the very bottom-right of the Glossier landing page. And here's the rest of what you want to know, from all the Canadian pricing to shipping rates and what you cannot buy. #embargolifted

what can canadians NOT buy?

Aside from the brand's new Invisible Shield sunscreen, which needs vetting and a DIN from Health Canada, and digital/physical gift cards, everything on the Glossier website will be available to We the North.

And by We the North, I mean everyone except Quebec for the moment, unfortunately. But fear not; word is that Quebec will be included eventually. Emily Weiss explains here

Re: gift cards, at the moment Glossier gift cards won't work for Canadians on the site; they're only in USD. But according to Glossier, they're working on Canadian-currency gift cards, so stay tuned.

what will canadian pricing be like?

Aside from shipping costs, this will be the most painful adjustment for Canadians familiar with Glossier's US pricing. It always stings that thanks to our dollar strength in relation to US currency, we have to spend more.

Expect the USD-to-CAD pricing to be similar to what you'd see on – about a $2 to $5 difference for anything up to the $15 USD mark (exception: the Priming Moisturizer is $25 USD/$27 CAD), and about a $10 to $20 difference when you hit $40 or $50 USD. Here, all the Canadian pricing is below:   

Glossier in Canada: all Canadian pricing

Glossier in Canada: Canadian pricing on all Glossier products

what about returns and refunds?

If your product is defective, or you've accidentally received the wrong product, Glossier's returns/refunds policy is outlined here. Note: you won't incur any costs sending things back because they won't make you do that. (Smart – returns are probably waaaaay more trouble than they're worth.)

what about shipping-to-canada rates?

Glossier will offer Canadians two shipping options and rates:
1) standard 7-10 business days = $8 CAD
2) expedited 2-3 business days = $20 CAD

Actually, make that three options:
3) standard shipping for 2 or more items = $0 CAD

Yep, shipping to Canada will be free when you buy 2 or more products. Smart move when you're launching an e-commerce site in another country, innit? (I'd expect that to change at some point in the future.)   

what about glossier bundle deals?

Glossier in Canada: the Phase 1 (skincare) and Phase 2 (makeup) sets

Glossier in Canada: Phase 1 (skincare) and Phase 2 (makeup) sets

Glossier offers two "hi-here's-who-we-are" sets that save you a few bucks per item, about $10 overall, and serve as a gateway to the rest. 

The Skincare Phase 1 set ($55 CAD/$45 USD) focuses on skin and includes Milky Jelly Cleanser (launched a year after G's debut), Priming Moisturizer and a Balm Dotcom in your preferred shade. 

The Makeup Phase 2 set ($50 CAD/$40 USDconsists of a Stretch Concealer cream cover-up that promises to move with your skin rather than crack and crease, Boy Brow tinted brow gel, and a Generation G sheer matte lip colour.

Other bundle deals include a Super Pack of the three Super serums ($85 CAD/65 USD), a Mask Duo ($48 CAD/$40 USD) and a Balm Dotcom Trio ($40 CAD/$30 USD). 

Glossier in Canada: Glossier Balm Dotcom in Cherry on cheeks and on lips-BEAUTYGEEKS

Glossier in Canada: Balm Dotcom in Cherry on cheeks and lips

So far I've tried just a few Glossier items that I bought in NYC. Cloud Paint ($22 CAD/$18 USD) – Love the natural-flush effect; be very careful when you squeeze the tube, though. You want only the tiniest bit, and it can erupt out of the packaging if you're aggressive. Balm Dotcom ($15 CAD/$12 USD) – Not emollient enough for my lips, but I don't mind it on cheeks as a dewy highlight; Cherry adds a pretty rosiness as per the above photo. Boy Brow in Brown ($20 CAD/$16 USD) – An ashy brown (yay!) gel, and sheer, so you won't accidentally get Instagram-brow, even if you use a lot. 

I've also tried the Glossier Priming Moisturizer ($27 CAD/25 USD) – I received it as a PR sample – but just once; more wearing required before feedback.

Have you already got Glossier favourites/recommendations? If you've never tried anything Glossier, do you think you might now?

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