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Seems like a lot about razor-blade technology, but it's more about dads and sons – and daughters.
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Fathers, sons and daughters and the only multi-blade razor that counts

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Not all multi-blade razors are the same, my friends. And yeah, there are marketing strategies and comedy moments that poke fun with jokes about 16-blade razors etc. Gillette really fuelled the funny with a six-blade Fusion – it featured five blades on the front of the cartridge and one in the back for finessing sideburns and goatees.

The thing is that Gillette's multi-blade razor cartridges, whether related to the Fusion PowerGlide or Venus five-blade shavers, are the only ones that count.

The research and development behind Gillette's multi-blade shaving cartridges is insane. 

Aside from the former rocket scientist, Kevin Powell, who was the R&D director on the project in the mid-to late-2000s – he told me the security and secrecy surrounding Gillette's shaving tech was as sophisticated as actual rocket-building security protocols, but that his razor-development gig was so much more fulfilling in a working-on-something-that's-part-of-people's-daily-lives way – there's the incredible design detail, precision and quality control, all off the charts, and the wealth of research that includes observing actual everyday real-people-shaving behaviour at Gillette's World Shaving Headquarters in Boston.

Unlike competitor versions (in my experience), the Gillette blades are critically positioned: progressively they grab and lift then cut the hair, and collectively they flatten the skin as they glide over it. And glide they do, thanks to the moisture strip that surrounds the blade inset, and for me they deliver the closest, smoothest, most comfortable shave ever

Genius concept, design and execution. And Gillette's got industrial engineer PhDs on staff to design their own exclusive machinery that produces these blade components because machines capable of that kind of precise work did not already exist.

My dad's an electronics engineer with a focus on high-fidelity audio equipment. He loves tube audio, and is uncompromising when it comes to speaker quality and sound. He has a knack for drawing and for photography – when I was a kid, probably still gleefully wasting precious film on photos of people with mouths open about to bite something from a fork, spoon or sandwich, Dad showed me how to frame up a shot, how to compose an image, and tried to explain F-stops.

Times have changed, and I hadn't realized quite how much until I saw this video by Gillette. 

My only real criticism is this: where are the daughters?

Hey, Dad? The batteries on my old cordless phones are going again. What do I do? 

Love you. Happy Father's Day!


Do you use Father's Day to stock Dad up with shaving-care? What did he teach you when you were a kid?

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