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Inspired by horror in film & television, this Canadian nail polish brand fairly crushes it!

Friends! Readers! Fellow nail polish junkies! It’s time for us to begin our Indie Expo Canada 2017 Swatchfest! I know, right? Excitements!!!

Indie Expo Canada 2017 Toronto_Beautygeeks

I gotta do this pressy part… Ya’ll know I went to the first ever Indie Expo Canada in Toronto on June 4? I did! And I saw things I ain’t never seen afore! Polish errrrrywhere! Seriously, like the best dream you ever had – in full colour! Ya. So I went there and I took a whole bunch of credit cards with me (shh… don’t tell Nick, k?). Then I bought stuff... 

What’s up first from my Indie Expo Canada shopping extravaganza? It’s Fiendish Fancies Artisan Nail Polish. And you know what? It’s pretty exciting stuffs.

Fiendish Fancies The Athlete LE IEC 2017

Fiendish Fancies The Athlete – LE VIP IEC 2017

Indies here just don’t get enough play. Why? Because with conversion and shipping, they burn huge holes in our polish budgets. To make it even harder, the indie community here likes to play polish in secret. 

Fiendish Fancies The Athlete LE VIP IEC 2017

Fiendish Fancies The Athlete – LE VIP IEC 2017

No more, man. No more secrets. If you’re a Canadian Beautygeeks/Manigeek follower who has been on the Indie sidelines like I have, I’m about to bust your nail polish world wide open! I totally am! This is a 100% internationally accessible Canadian Indie brand and I seriously fell right into The Love with it.

Fiendish Fancies The Wraith_Fiendish Fancies Cabin Fever Collection Swatches

Fiendish Fancies The Wraith – Cabin Fever Collection 

I came home from IEC 2017 with 6 Fiendish Fancies polishes and I know this is going to shock you: I like ALL of them. You know I always call it exactly the way I experience it, right? As I see it from playing in these 6 shades, this brand deserves your attention. 

Fiendish Fancies Sugarplum Fairy_Fiendish Fancies Cabin Fever Collection Swatches

Fiendish Fancies Sugarplum Fairy – Cabin Fever Collection

Launched in 2015, this independent brand is Toronto-based (like me!). From the website, I can also tell you “every collection is based upon influences in horror films and television – from The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful and American Horror Story, to the film adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe…”

Fiendish Fancies You're Hysterical Henry_Fiendish Fancies Stephen King Collection

Fiendish Fancies You're Hysterical Henry – Stephen King Collection

I just had a smart idea!! Instead of me rambling on and on and on, I can give you this link: There you’ll find formula (5-free) info, shipping info, and ALL the colours!

Fiendish Fancies I'm Not Golla Kill Ya_Fiendish Fancies Worst of the Worst Suicide Squad Collection Swatches

Fiendish Fancies I'm Not Gonna Kill Ya – Worst of the Worst Collection

More Fiendish Fancies links? Okay! 
Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest.
Good grief. How did all of this escape my radar for so very long. Like, how?? It's all so very #GrabbyHands!

Fiendish Fancies Forgotten Lore_Fiendish Fancies Nevermore Collection Swatches

Fiendish Fancies Forgotten Lore – Nevermore Collection

But wait, it gets better... I just reached out to Lara (who makes all these beautiful polishes), and I asked her if we could extend her Indie Expo Canada coupon code to our lovely Beautygeeks readers. She said yes! Wheeee!! 

That means from now until July 31, 2017, if you enter the code IEC2017 on your order, you'll get 13% off! Did I mention Fiendish Fancies has a line of thermals launching somewhere around June 10th? Oh yes, they do. Here, lookit this IG shot from fellow Canadian blogger Tea & Nail Polish:

I know, right? I SO should have pre-ordered dat! *face-palm*

Uh, why are you still here? Go look at all of Lara’s pretties on, put some in your cart, and apply your special IEC2017 code. Then, knowing you saved some dough, add another bottle and pull the credit-card trigger! Get outta here!! 

Lara of Fiendish Fancies

Lara and her table of all the #GrabbyHands pretties at Indie Expo Canada Toronto 2017

Once your Fiendish Fancies polishes land on your doorstep, you best be comin' back here to tell me what you bought. I'll definitely neeeeed to know! And if you already have some that you love, tell me what they are so I can add 'em to my shoppin' list? Please?

See ya’ll soon!

Indie Expo Canada 2017 Toronto_IEC OFFICIAL_PRESS

Manicures & photos Karen Falcon (she also played in Ang’s bottle of Opium Dreams from the Nevermore collection and is gonna get herself a bottle as soon as Nick’s wallet recovers).