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Hi nail nerds! It’s nail-polish story time again! Gather 'round...

Okay. So there’s this magical webby place called I discovered it late last year and figured it might be a good place to find someone who’d take my whole Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection off my hands. 

I know you’re thinking, “who makes a Salt & Pepper Collection and why haven’t I heard about it?” Uh, no. I don’t mean nail polish, I mean actual salt and pepper shakers – for condiments.

OPI Designer Series Royal 016 Swatches over Black

OPI Designer Series 016 Royal over Revlon Black Magic

Anyhow, that didn’t work out so well, but what did is that I slapped OPI in the search bar – and holy crap! So much the polish that people just want to get rid of! And they’ll trade you for stuff! Not even for money! Depending on what the off-loader is looking for, you might be able to get a bunch of de-stash polishes for the cost of a bottle of wine you had sitting in your pantry. Or maybe they’re looking for rolls of toilet paper! Or plants! It’s amazing!

OPI DS Royal 016 2006 over Black NOTD

OPI Designer Series Royal 016 over Revlon Black Magic (1 coat over 1 coat).

The other day I was trollin’ Bunz, and you know I slapped “nail polish” into the search bar. What came up? This OPI DS Royal 016 that’s from the 2006 Designer Series! And the trader was close by!

OPI Designer Series Royal 016 over Black_1

1 coat OPI DS Royal over 1 coat Revlon Black Magic

Is it a new bottle? Nope. Do I care? Nope. Did I ask the trader (let’s call her Rose) if she was the original owner? Yep. Did I ask if she’d ever thinned it? Yep (she didn’t). That same day, did I rush down to midtown Toronto and get this bottle (plus a slightly used bottle of OPI Parlez Vous OPI?) for a grand total of 3 TTC subway tokens? Yes! YES I DID! How much do 3 tokens cost? $9.00 CAD. Oh yes, $9.00.

OPI Designer Series Royal 016 over Black_DS016

OPI DS Royal 016 (1 coat) over Revlon Black Magic (1 coat)

Bunz is the best. And you know what else? Later, Rose sent me a message to let me know that OPI was doing a Groupon deal. 

I love Bunz and I love my local Bunzers. If you’re lucky, you find stuff you’re looking for (and stuff you aren’t) and you get to meet really nice people who just want to get rid of things they don’t need anymore.

Me? I need this OPI DS Royal. Rose on She needs the subway tokens. It all works out kinda perfect, right? Thanks Rose!

OPI Parlez Vous OPI France Collection 2008

Catch ya’ll later, friends!

Manicure & Photos Karen Falcon (she wonders if anyone here collects figural S&P...)