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Ouch! My eyeballz! But in a good way – and you don't even need undies!

Greetings, friends! Got a minute? Got 3 minutes? I only need 3 minutes ‘cause I've got 3 Summer 2017 Quo by Orly Color Amp’d shades. Wanna see?

quo by orly color amp’d summer 2017 swatches & review

Quo by Orly Je T'Aime L'Ocean Summer 2017

Quo by Orly Je T’Aime L’Ocean – Color Amp’d 2017

Quo by Orly Je T’Aime L’Ocean – Color Amp’d 2017 (above). If you’re on an iDevice and your brightness is set at medium, you are seeing this colour exactly right. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it borders on neon. How many coats? That's 3. With no underpants. It’s a hella green, huh?

Quo by Orly J'Adore Summer 2017 Color Amp'd

Quo by Orly J’Adore – Color Amp’d 2017

Quo by Orly J’Adore – Color Amp’d 2017 (above). Again, no undies but this is only 2 coats (+ the Flexible Sealcoat that stinks to high heaven but is really quite amazeballz). You’re going to have to use your imagination a little with this photo – it’s neony and my camera doesn’t like to shoot neons. It sits right in between pink and orange and it’s like a big ole punch in the eye. I dig it. I dig it even more because I didn’t need to use white to pop it.

Quo by Orly Color Amp'd Summer Bisou 2017

Quo by Orly Summer Bisou – Color Amp’d 2017

Quo by Orly Summer Bisou – Color Amp’d 2017 (above). Gah!! #GrabbyHands and more #GrabbyHands! She’s a super-saturated deep bluey fuchsia that fairly screams summer. To me, she also screams Buy Me!! That’s 2 coats + the Quo by Orly Top Coat you see pictured there. I love her. I painted her on and then I was all like, “I’m keeping this forever.” No, I don’t keep everything (*insert collective gasp here*), but I’m keeping this.

And that’s it. Our 3 minutes together are up. I know, sadness. But you know I’ll be back soon with more of sumthin’ else, right?

In the meantime, if you need to get hands on any of these shades, head on over to your local Shoppers Drug Mart (also available at Target). Word on the street is these shades are available right right now. Oh yeah, I swatched the launch line a while back - you can totally see it here!

Later, ya’ll!

Manicures & photos by Karen Falcon (She wants the Ontario strawberries right now).