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You need a reason? Here, lemme give you a bunch!

Hiya fellow nail polish junkies! It is me! Today I gotta talk about Indie Expo Canada again. How come? Well, because I think if you’re in (or near) Toronto on Sunday June 4, 2017, it’s something you might wanna consider going to.

Many of you lovely readers have been kickin’ it with me here at Beautygeeks and lookin’ at all mah nail stuff for a while - you know that a huge chunk of our polish coverage is mass-market, readily available stuff. Why? Because it’s easy for me to get, so I know it’s easy for you to get. But that’s not to say I don’t ogle Indies often. Because I do. I find them vastly appealing. I just don’t buy them much because… uh…

Reason 1: I’m a stickler. I have a hard time buying polish sight unseen. I just do. I like to pop tops, eyeball brushes, and get a better idea of the consistency of formulas. That’s generally how I decide if something comes home with me. But I still want ALL the Indies.

Reason 2: Shipping to Canada is prohibitive and if you’re unlucky enough to get whacked with customs fees, it hurts – really, really freakin’ bad. Sometimes it can be double the cost of what you ordered and then you just paid a jillion dollars a bottle. I can’t do it. I just can’t. But I still want ALL the Indies.

Reason 3: The Canada/US exchange rate is in the crapper. Today, it costs $1.35CAD to buy $1.00USD. So a $15USD bottle ends up costing me $20.25CAD. Then add shipping. Ouch. But I still want ALL the Indies.

If any of those are reasons you haven't been able to Indie, then if you’re close enough, I must encourage you to find your way into downtown Toronto for the first annual Indie Expo Canada. 

For the price of a regular admission ticket ($24.07), you’ll have pretty much paid postage for a couple online indie orders and you'll be able to eyeball everything with your eyeballz. Oh yes, and you’ll be paying in Canadian dollars - for the ticket and for the polishes that hop into your basket.

So let’s think about that for a second… No, seriously – think about it. Yep, it’s a deal. 

You’ll actually be saving money while getting yourself bottles you’ve probably been drooling over for a long, long time. And most of the 20+ vendors will be showcasing new collections and limited edition IEC stuffs that I've conveniently jammed into this post (along with handy links to their websites & IG accounts) to give you the #GrabbyHands. 

I know, right? Indies will never be this accessible to you again – ever. Not at this price, and not in these quantities, from this many top-notch Indie sellers all in one place. Not until next year, anyhow.

My logic is sound. I’m sure of it.

If you live in Toronto and are on the fence, I hope you head to now and secure your ticket (there are a handful of different types ranging from VIP to General Admission). 

If you’re around the Toronto area and can make it in for the day, I say do it. Drag a friend with you! Or drag your husband with you! He can go find the Mountain Equipment Co-op Store and buy all kinds of manly-man things (hey, I like MEC too) while you shop for pretties you can only otherwise get online.

Make a day of it. It’ll be worth it. Plus, I’ll be there! Come on! If that isn’t a draw, I dunno what is! Bahahahaa!!! Ooooh… that’s funny! Yeah, you know I don’t take myself that seriously, right? But I will be there! And if you are too, I'll 100% twist your rubber arm and force you to show me what you’ve bought.

Oh yeah! Hey! For just one more day, there's this fantastical chance at tickets:

Yep, Pam made me Oh-fih-shull. 

Yep, Pam made me Oh-fih-shull. 

For more information on all things Indie Expo Canada 2017 Toronto (including a vendor list), visit, Facebook, and Instagram.

See you there? Huh?

Photos provided by IEC2017 Vendors