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"Good things come in small packages" is a cliché for a reason. Same re: "good things come to those who wait."
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There’s a Winners store across the street from me. It’s in the mall with my local Shoppers Drug Mart, my local Post Office, and my bank. I know, right? It’s like a miracle mall, man! Everything is right, right there!

OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Mini Set Swatches Review

OPI Yokohama Collection Travel Exclusive Mini Set

A coupla days ago I hadda mail some stuff and I stopped in at Winners on my way out of the mall. What? It’s like right there, so I kinda have to, no? I was in and out in 6 minutes flat. 20 seconds to walk directly to the nail polish section, a split second to spot this OPI Yokohama Travel Exclusive Mini Set and snatch it from the display, then a mere 5.5 minutes to get to the cash desk, pay, grin like a huge dork, and leave.

OPI Vintage Violet NL Y35_OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Vintage Violet - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

If you’re an OPI nerd, you know that the Yokohama Collection was released in 2001 as a Japan Exclusive. It’s a collection that has eluded me for well over a decade – 16 years, man. Sixteen years. Imagine my smile when I saw this sitting there waiting for me at Winners. Now imagine it bigger.

OPI Blush of Adrenaline NL Y33 - OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Blush of Adrenaline - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

When it comes to some things, I’m an excruciatingly patient kind of person. I won’t spend arms and legs on HTF polishes on eBay, and I won’t pay ridiculous shipping fees to get stuff I don’t have (but want reallyreallyreally bad) for The Archives. I just wait. 

Word on the street is that “good things come to those who wait”. Word on the street might actually be right! Wheeeeee!!!!

OPI Cherry Blossom_OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Cherry Blossom - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

But here’s the thing: because I don’t play the HTF game, I don’t have original 2001 bottles to compare these with, but I suspect these have been re-formulated in some way since they were first released in Japan 16 years ago. 

They should stink to high heaven and they don’t; 2001 was SO not-3-Free. 

2001 was also a skinny brush – even in minis. These minis have those dastardly tiny little necks and the pro-wide brushes. The wider brush puts them squarely in post-2006 territory. They make me feel clumsy and giant-like, but I don’t care because... OPI Yokohama, Japan exclusive. 

The codes on the bottoms are the original codes too – there must have been a re-formulation. There can’t not have been.

OPI Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel_OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

The shades themselves “feel” 2001. They have the sparkle and twinkle that everything should have to identify them as older OPI’s. They paint on like 2001 shades and they level like 2001 shades. The flecky flashes of silver and gold are all present, they build exceptionally well, they layer like a dream (even over 3-frees) and they dry faaaast. 

When you huff as much toxic old OPI as I do, you can tell from the smell if you’ve got a BLOPI. These ain’t BLOPIs. But, for $12.99 CAD for the set, they’re as close as I’ll ever be able to get to the original OPI Yokohama 2001 Collection, so I’ll take 'em. And I’ll grin like an idiot while I paint it all on.

OPI Yokohama Twilight NL Y47 - Yokohama Collection 2001

OPI Yokohama Twilight - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

If you’re an OPI nerd and have been waiting patiently for something on your ISO list to pretty much drop into your lap, might I suggest you head to your closest Winners, Marshalls or TJMaxx? I might go back today to see if they’ve found another one in the back storage room! That way I can use one set up whilst hoarding the other one in The Archives forever.

OPI Baby Blue - OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Baby Blue - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

You heading to the store now? You are, aren’t you? Would you pick me up a big bag of Crunchy Cheetos on your way back? Please? I need breakfast.

OPI Yokohama Twilight over Black_OPI Yokohama Collection 2001 Swatches

OPI Yokohama Twilight over Black Magic - Yokohama Collection Mini Set

Oh! Wait! If you're wondering why I have so much love for old school OPI polishes, here's OPI Yokohama Twilight over my Revlon Black Magic (above). Just look at that crazy shift! A couple coats slapped over black, and I got this remarkable flecky, almost metallic blue/pinky-purple duochrome. You know where you see this kind of finish today? Indies. OPI was SO ahead of the curve. 

Manicures & Photos Karen Falcon (seriously, she’s going back to see if she can score another set)