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Squeeeee! It’s the very first Indie Expo Canada and it’s in my backyard!

Indie Expo Canada 2017? Like nail polish kind of Indie? Yes. You’ve been under a rock or you don’t Facebook or Instagram and you didn’t know. Hey, that’s okay because there hasn’t been a ton of information out there for me to share with you. Now there’s a little more!

Indie Expo Canada 2017 Toronto

Indie Expo Canada - Toronto June 3 & 4

Oh! Before we get into it, wanna know who’s responsible for this awesomeness? Pam. Pam who IS Yep, that Pam.

There’s a bunch of stuff I could tell you about but instead, here, have this handy link to

If you’re a total polish junkie (you are, I can tell) and you’re in (or can be in) Toronto on Sunday June 4, you might wanna think about this. I’m just sayin’. It’s going to be at the Hyatt Regency downtown. If you’re not from around these parts, maybe you have a friend or a relative who’ll let you couch-surf for the night and wake up all refreshed and ready to hop on the TTC so you can spend everything you gots in your change jar?

Here’s a quick overview of da vendors for you (sources say there may even be a few more):

Indie Expo Toronto Canada 2017 Vendors

Indie Expo Canada Vendors

Yeah! Stuff from all over the place AND stuff from Canada!

I know you’re thinking “But Manigeek, you don’t Indie”. This is somewhat true. I do and I don’t. I have a lot of difficulty buying things online. I like to pop the top, see the brush-actual, look at the formulas with my eyeballz, and make my polish-dolla decisions that way. If you’re like me, this might be your gateway to what I’ve heard can be a dangerous obsession. I’m going. I don't care if it's dangerous. I gotta go, and I totally bought a VIP ticket. 

Why VIP, Manigeek? Uh.. hello? Swagbag? Hahahahaa!!

So now you’ve heard there’s an Indie Expo Canada in Toronto, here’s the most important question… You comin’? If yes, here's your link for tickets and if you have any questions, just holla and I’ll see what I can find out for you! Do you need to know that tickets went on sale yesterday (Sunday) and over half the VIP tickets sold in under 20 minutes? Mm hmm. That happened. And it wasn’t me. I only bought one.

If you can make it, I’d love to meet your face (that's meet, not meat - because that would be weird)! Lemme know if you're comin'? Leave me a comment down there somewhere? I mean it’s not fair that you’ve seen my nails and I’ve never seen yours, right? I'll be there! I'm Karen from Toronto, I'm @Manigeek on the Instagram, and I comment here as Manigeek. Now you.

Chat soon, friends!! And maybe see you in a coupla months?