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A new Aveeno body-care texture promises long-lasting benefits + delish scents; here's the geeky science.
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Aveeno Body Yogurt washes and lotions: check out the science behind the formula claims

I bet cute isn't a word you've ever associated with Aveeno body care, but that might change when you see the new Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt collection. Look at those little pots of body lotion: kinda cute, yes? And check out those scents: Vanilla & Oat and Apricot & Honey.

More important than cute, of course, is what this Body Yogurt thing is all about. The foundation of the new range is still skin-soothing colloidal oatmeal, a bff to dry and sensitive skin, but in a way, Aveeno Active Naturals Body Yogurt is about self esteem.

According to Naomi Furgiuele, Senior Director of Global Beauty Face Care at Johnson & Johnson, the company that owns Neutrogena and Aveeno, many people who suffer from eczema or psoriasis ignore dermatologist advice when it comes to the moisturizers they use on their skin. Rather than go fragrance-free, they deliberately buy perfumed body moisturizers from retailers such as Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret because a kapow scent makes them feel better about themselves, despite any potential uptick in irritation. 

"They want that pampering experience, they want that scent – they want to feel normal," says Naomi. "Aveeno Body Yogurt is about giving women with dry and even extra-dry skin that indulgent feeling, as well as emollients that are calming and good for their skin."

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash and Body Yogurt

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash and Body Yogurt

there's yogurt in the mix: nerdy science

Along with a lush, velvety texture, Aveeno Body Yogurt actually contains greek-yogurt-y ingredients. "It's a little different from the still-fermenting bacterial cultures in yogurt, though," explains Naomi. "We've taken those live cultures and all the good-for-skin stuff they bring with them–lipids, lactic acid, lactose, non-hydrolyzed protein (which enhances the humectant factor)–freeze-dried them to make them stable, and put them in the formula."

48 hours of hydration: more nerdy science

Aveeno Active Naturals Body Yogurt also promises up to 48 hours of boosted hydration levels via reinforcing skin's natural moisture barrier. "We have emulsifiers in there that are positively charged; the skin has a negative charge. So what happens is that you have all these emulsifiers that grab all the emollients in the formula and pull them to the skin and form a sheet–the positively charged molecules really want to be next to the negatively charged skin," says Naomi. 

"So you've got this sheet of emollients on your skin – that's what you'll feel, that silky smoothness–and 48 hours of hydration because it's holding those emollients against the skin."

how 'bout those yogurt scents

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt in Vanilla & Oats and Apricot & Honey

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt in Vanilla & Oats and Apricot & Honey

As mentioned earlier, the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurts and washes come in two scents: Vanilla & Oat and Apricot & Honey. In the tubs, both fragrances are soft and quite nice – and I say that as a person who shuns food-scents in her body care. I very bravely tried the Vanilla and Oat and discovered with some relief that it goes on without that too-typical vanilla bitch-slap I loathe. The fragrance does develop a bit with the warmth of the skin, so it's best if I don't wear it anywhere close to my nose, but if you love a natural vanilla yogurt scent, you'll like this. Me, I'm more of an Apricot & Honey girl.

Aveeno Active Naturals Body Yogurt (from $7.47 CAD and $7.99 USD) and body washes (from $9.49 CAD and $7.99 USD) are hitting shelves at Canadian drugstores,, and about now.

What say you? Who's planning to try them?

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