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Another nail-mail post featuring swatches of the prettiest polish from a faraway friend

Hey! Guess who! Yes, meeeee!! But, it’s me + a side of #AngelasAirMail. What the heck does that even mean? I got Nail Mail! From far away, and it had a whole bunch of interesting things in it that I’ve never played in before. Here, have a look!

catrice royal lavendera swatches

This morning, out of all the things in the nail mail package, this bottle from German company Catrice Cosmetics hollered, “Paint with me!” What’s a girl to do?

Btw, if cruelty-free beauty is important to you, Catrice Cosmetics is a good fit. You can find it at

Catrice Royal Lavendera Nail Polish Swatches

Catrice Royal Lavendera

Catrice Royal LavendERA (above). A stunning pale cross between lavender and lilac laced with über-fine shimmerz, this is from the Catrice Victorian Poetry Holiday 2016 Collection. That’s 3 coats (because I do very, very thin coats) and you can’t see the stealth shimmer at all because it’s matte. But the shimmer makes it a matte with life. She’s soft, pretty, springy, and soothing. I don’t know if there’s a better word than “lovely.”

Catrice Royal Lavendera Nail Polish Brush_Victorian Poetry Collection

Catrice Royal LavendERA brush

The brush in there is a paddle and it’s a good one. Surprisingly lush, it holds just a touch more polish than I thought it would, but the shape is perfect. It fits my fingers like it was made for me, and makes this matte application wickedly easy.

Hmmm… I wonder what it’ll look like if I slap on some top…

Catrice Royal Lavendera Nail Polish with Top Coat

Catrice Royal LavendERA with top coat

Catrice Royal Lavendera w Top Coat (above). Oooh! So shiny! And a little shimmery! But then, what if I slap this other thing I just bought over top of the topcoat…

ILNP Rosewater over Catrice Royal Lavendera NOTD

ILNP Rosewater over Catrice Royal Lavendera

ILNP Rosewater over Catrice Royal Lavendera (above). Aaaaaah! Holographic shiny! Squeeeee!!!

So there you are fellow nail nerdies! It’s my first foray into #AngelasAirMail and so far, I can’t help thinking it’s like Angela knows me. I feel like she musta stuck this into the box thinking, “I’ll betcha Karen would LOVE this!” And I do. Many thanks for the wonderful gift, Ang! And also, Happy Birthday!! 🎂

Oh. On account of the limited edition-ness of it, I have zero idea if (or where) you can get this pretty Catrice (as mentioned earlier, you can find the makeup at But I do know you can get you a bottle of ILNP Rosewater from the same place I did:

Manicures & Photos Karen Falcon (she’s a lucky, lucky nail nerd to have friends in far away places)