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More, MOAR TSA-approved skincare stuffs to take in your hand luggage when you fly
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Travel-size skincare to take in your carry-on

What with the recent Spring Break and all, 'tis the season of travel right now, isn't it? Several Lipstick League members have been away, and I think Steph from is on a trip right now too. So it's not really so surprising that the Lipstick League has this query: what beauty stuff is in your carry-on luggage?

I landed in St. Maarten yesterday with a suitcase full of work-related stuffs as well as a carry-on and purse also loaded with materials. Anything liquid or gel and 100mL or smaller was jammed into a TSA bag in my purse; my makeup case was in my carry-on.

I always travel with waaay too many things. A trip makes me think, ooh, I'll have time to try that, and that, and that, and probably that and this, too – and maybe this, this and that as well. Obviously the words "waaay too many" reveals that I never actually get time to try everything I carry, but bless Sephora for their free-samples program anyway. Mini pots of face cream and tiny bottles of serum make the stash something akin to a beautygeek piñata that you don't have to hit with a stick (mostly because the TSA baggie is seconds away from splitting its seams).

Travel-friendly makeup in my carry-on – why do I have so many pencils?

Travel-friendly makeup in my carry-on – why do I have so many pencils?

Let's start with my makeup, most of which doesn't need to be confined to a TSA bag. A TSA person once made me put my lip gloss, mascara, concealer and a (solid!) balm into a baggie, so when I travel, I choose lipstick instead of gloss to save space for other things. I also avoid liquid foundation; concealer is smaller. Plus I love the Vichy Teint Idéal Illuminating Concealer roll-on – the wee tube in the photo isn't my first. *grin* I've also got a Pixi Brightening Peach corrector with me in case of dark circles (not because of partying late, but because I'm a night owl).

I realize that because I have my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Instant Face in a Palette with me, I could have left the Vichy Teint Idéal roll-on illuminator – the second wee Vichy tube in the photo – at home. *shrug* (Yeah, I know my CT palette looks almost new, but I use it all the time. I have quite the light-and-natural hand with makeup.)

My suitcase, though, has a couple of foundations and liquid lip colours I brought with me to try and to photograph, as well as other pretty things you'll soon see on Beautygeeks.

Travel-size skincare in my carry-on – well, in my very large purse.

Travel-size skincare in my carry-on – well, in my very large purse.

When it comes to skincare, I adore mini-size branded tubs, tubes and bottles because I don't much like decanting – I never remember what's in those travel containers the next time, and chances are I'll be using something else by then anyway. Plus these wee samples are far smaller than standard travel-size fillable containers. They're not terribly earth-friendly, though; I'll refill whatever I can, I promise.

Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Maho Beach, St. Maarten

My Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet mask (I can't seem to leave a Shoppers Drug Mart without one or two; I like them and they're only $4 CAD!) was not in my TSA baggie – oops. Along with a small package of wipes and the Almay SPF 30 lip balm, it was in my carry-on. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was loose in my purse (I love it as lip balm); all the other tubes and jars bottles were in there too, but tightly confined to a TSA bag.

I usually travel with a whack of Shiseido facial cotton pads, and some kind of sunscreen to apply on the fly. This time, because I'm on a long-ish trip, I had a suitcase into which I could put the cotton, and lots more sunscreen. (In the above photo, that small upside-down tube to the left of my Vichy thermal water, is an SPF 40 physical sunscreen by Alumier MD). I also have an Eminence Sun Defence SPF 30 tinted mineral sunscreen powder in my purse; forgot to include it in the shot.

If you've noticed a lack of hair and body care products, again I point to my suitcase. Plus I'm staying with family; I left a few necessities in the back of my niece's closet on my last visit. *grin*

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we heart this is Currently Craving: Icelandic beauty products! I’m off on a trip to Iceland this week and I can’t wait to pick up all the skincare. I already love Skyn Iceland and I’m super excited to try Soley Organics.

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So. What's in your carry-on, beauty-wise?

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