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Ciao, bella! Gimme summa that Italian coastal flair!

I know you’ve been lurking in my pages looking for swatches of the Essie Resort 2017 collection so here they are! Oh. Did you need to know this year we're "luxuriating in the beauty of Italy's Amalfi Coast"? Because we are. 

essie resort 2017 swatches & review

Essie Strike a Pose-itano Resort 2017

Essie Strike A Pose-itano (above). Okay, my bottle says Essie Pose-itano but the press release says Essie Positano. I just don’t know what to call it so I’ve called it both. I always feel kind of stupid telling you what colour it is when you can plainly see it right there on your screen so instead, I’ll tell you that it’s pretty. Here, it’s good natural light and shows a little minty blue.

Essie Strike a Positano - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Strike a Positano (above). And here, with a little less light, more greeny. I found the formula a little thick, so I added a coupla drops of thinner in order to get a good, even level. She’s shiny and lovely and oddly soothing, right?

Essie Ciao Effect - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Ciao Effect (above). Apparently this is a “lavender purple with pretty blue undertones.” I don’t really see blue but I do see grey! And I see hearts in my eyes! Big, giant heart eyes! 2 coats. Mag formula.

Essie Ciao Effect - Essie Resort Collection 2017

Essie Ciao Effect (above). Drop the light level and it looks like this. Which is more accurate? Both.

Essie Sorrento Yourself - Essie Resort Collection 2017

Essie Sorrento Yourself (above). I tell ya what, if you have good brush control (and yes, here in Canada, these have the skinny brushes), this’ll be a OCW for you! If your control isn’t amazing, then do two thinner coats and it’ll get you where you need to go. It’s lovely and shiny and I don’t know if it’s great with my particular skin tone, but hey, I still think it’s all kinds of sophisticated ‘n stuff.

Essie Sorrento Yourself - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Sorrento Yourself - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Sorrento Yourself (above). She can look a little more orange-tinted or a little nuttier depending on your light. These high-shine polishes reflect so much that whatever is around you can really end up changing the way the colour shows. Kinda cool, huh?

Essie Resort Romanza - Essie Resort Collection 2017

Essie Resort Romanza

Essie Resort Romanza (above). And this. So juicy. So perfect. So dries down a tiny bit darker than the bottle (actually, I think they all do). This formula though – so good. You’ll need 2 coats for perfect results. Or at least I did!

Essie Resort Romanza - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Resort Romanza - Essie Resort 2017

Essie Resort Romanza (above). And less light? This. Slightly dusty yet saturated and vibrant. I don’t usually roll with shades like these, but if I were forced to wear this one, it sure wouldn’t be a hardship!

And that’s it! Your swatches of the 4-Shade Essie Resort 2017 Collection. Oh, you want comparisons too? Okay. But just a couple…

essie resort 2017 comparison swatches

As always, these aren’t colour accurate but they do represent the differences between the compared shades. My stick pics are really just a guide to help you see if you gotta go shoppin’ (or not).

Essie Strike a Poseitano Comparison Swatches Dupes

Essie Strike a Pose-itano Comparison Swatches

Essie Strike a Pose-itano comparison swatches (above). I got no dupes, man. Not a one.

Essie Ciao Effect Comparison Swatches Dupes

Essie Ciao Effect comparison swatches

Essie Ciao Effect comparison swatches (above). Close… so close. But not the same. Hahahahaa!!

The Stuffs: Essie Resort 2017 is on-shelf now in a bunch of places in the US. It’ll be on real soon. Here in Canada, it’s slated for a March 21 release date. That’s today. Like, now. Where? Well, if you got yourself The Prime, how about

More Essie wordage: "These four new essie Resort 2017 shades set the mood for a getaway season filled with authentic linen moda, sleek sunglasses, and embellished sandals. Punch up the look and create classic beauty with camellia crimson, go fashion forward with a striking rose-tinted teracotta, flirt with a kiss of lilac, or just dive in with aquamarine blue. There's a little bit of Italian coastal flare for everyone in this perfectly edited assortment."... essie

Later everyone!

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (Spring cleaning sucks)